What can you buy a Disney lover?

I thought this post may help with some Disney gift ideas for some people out there!

Disney Ears
I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of Disney ears, especially if the person is visiting the park soon or would most likely have a trip in the future. Disney ears from the parks are fairly expensive so it would be an appreciated gift. If you wanted a cheaper option, there are so many personal businesses that create their own ears – Etsy is a good place to look!

Disney Jewellery
Pandora is the best place for this. Pandora release new Disney Jewellery based on the hot new topic of Disney so it’s always up to date with the latest releases. It can be expensive, but Pandora is worth the money with such great quality and a gift anyone would be grateful for.

Disney Posters/Prints
This is quite a fun idea! Along with Disney’s own prints that they sell in the parks, just like the ears, loads of people create their own prints and sell them online. This could be a good gift for someone moving to a new house, starting Uni, creating a baby room, whatever it may be…a print is a thoughtful gift in my opinion.

Disney Tops
Can you really go wrong with a Disney top? I don’t think so! From as cheap as a few pounds in Primark, to an official Disney top from the parks or shopdisney. Any Disney lover would be happy to receive a piece of clothing that is Disney related. Personally, I think Primark is the way to go for tops, so cheap and always stocking new designs.

Disney Pins
Know a Disney pin collector? Watch their face as they open your pin present. Trust me, they would love it! There are so many pins out there that you are spoilt for choice.

Disney Food
Really you can only get this from the parks, but Disney shaped food is a winner. When I visited DLP, my boyfriend and I got his friends Disney shaped pasta – super unique and cool, I think! And plus, who doesn’t love receiving food…any day of the week give me food and I’ll be forever happy.

Disney Stationary
My stationary heart is screaming. Buy Disney stationary for someone. There is so much, I couldn’t even begin to decide on where to start or what to get but it’s an easy option and can be a cheap option too! Disney lovers who go to the parks need a new pad to plan their trip in or a new pen to use for their autograph book. Stationary is so useful for either Disney use or daily, personal use.

If you have received a Disney gift before, leave me a comment telling me what it was!

2 thoughts on “What can you buy a Disney lover?

  1. Hi I am new to this blog (A Disney fan too) and am reading for the first time. I really liked it and I have a few questions for you. What are your thoughts on underrated or unpopular Disney movies? Moreover, have you faced struggles finding merchandise related to those movies in Disneyland? I also wanted to ask about the exclusive stuff available only at Paris Disneyland and I want to hear which upcoming Disney MOVIE are you most excited for?

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    1. Hey! Thankyou. For me, it takes a lot to hate a film and I can’t really think of a Disney film I’ve disliked! But I think there’s always going to be films that don’t do as well as others but some people will still enjoy. Disney seem to provide merch which they know is going to sell and that people are going to love so their merch is based on the latest or biggest films. I think the next Disney movie I’m excited for is the lady and the tramp remake! Especially since it has real dogs in – I assume it’s going to be super cute!


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