Is it worth Disney rebooting their films?

Is it worth Disney rebooting their films? Recently, a lot of old Disney films are being created again, a refresh in film quality, new characters, new singers etc. They are rebooting their films to meet the expectations and film standards of today. Is it worth it though?

I think so. I understand that some people may dislike the idea that they are ‘changing’ the original films and in some opinions making them worse. But to me, what is seriously the harm in doing so. I think for real lovers of the Disney films, its great to be able to watch an updated, better quality version of a film. Considering how long ago these films came out and that the generation has changed since I think its clever of Disney to introduce these films to the children of today who are used to seeing a clear, detailed image with bright colours and amazing songs. It’s going to get more people interested and becoming a fan of Disney and that is exactly what they want.

Me being 20 years old, the original Disney films were a part of my childhood and so the reboots, I have been interested in and watched some of them. It’s great that they can bring together the new generation of young children, along with the young adult generation who watched the original films and even their parents like; my mum and dad who watched the original films with me are interested in seeing the reboots. They really are targeting everyone and so, it’s a clever idea of them to do so.

I personally think its great seeing the posters and trailers of the new films coming out. For example, Lady and the Tramp, seeing actual real dogs being apart of the film compared to the cartoon version I had as a child. Quite frankly, its stunning to see the design and look of the posters and trailers and then the end product of the film.

I understand that some people may want new Disney films instead of the reboots but even though it’s the same story as a previous film, I believe because of how different it looks and sounds it gives the sense of this brand-new film from Disney. But I do agree with people who want new films to come out, to introduce new stories, characters and songs. I love a new Disney film to watch and I am excited for the future films they produce. But I think it’s good that they are providing us currently with the reboots and still giving us things to watch and remind us of Disney and to introduce the films to the young children. It would be worse if there weren’t any Disney films being released.

I think giving how many years have passed since the original films and the change in films, its smart of Disney to do this. They published the original films and waited years down the line to bring them back into people’s life’s again. It’s bringing generation together. Along with this, it’s also allowing Disney to introduce new things into their parks. Such as merchandise and snacks. The Lion King release brought loads of new things to the Disney parks which is obviously going to bring in even more money for them. They are thinking about what will work for everyone and what will also benefit themselves.

With the slight doubt of whether the updated films would be as good as the originals, I believe it’s worth Disney rebooting their films.  

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