Ways to book a trip to Disneyland Paris

I do quite a fair bit of research into trips to Disneyland Paris and I know of a few websites/companies that offer what you need!

Of course you have the official Disney website
This website may feel like the safest website since it’s through Disney and I sometimes feel nervous to book through someone else. However, as easy as this website is to use and the different offers they have, it is normally the most expensive. Always play around with different dates and durations of your stay to see if you can get it any cheaper or cross over with a deal.

My last trip was booked with Magic Breaks
Magic Breaks for me was amazing! I feel like my next trip could be booked with these again. They offer all the hotels and when I have looked, they did have cheaper prices. I suggest always getting in touch with the live chat to see if the holiday can get any cheaper (I got the tax deducted). They offer a lot on their website such as transport, tickets, Disney partner hotels and discounts on restaurants. It’s defo worth looking into it and seeing if you can find a cheaper deal!

Expedia offer package holidays with the airport, hotel and room included. I have booked a few holidays with Expedia and they have always been of a good price and the package has worked great! However, I haven’t used them for DLP before. But I assume they would be just as good! Expedia have the Disney hotels available but also display so many hotels that are near the park so you can find a super cheap hotel also on the website!

Booking.com is just like Expedia. It has the Disney hotels available along with loads offers. It’s worth looking on Booking.com just to see if the prices are any cheaper – they do many sales at times with discounts so you never know!

These are my top 4 websites that I look at when I want to find a cheap deal! I’d suggest the Disney website and Magic breaks the most just because you also get tickets included. Always look around, don’t just go with the first deal you see because you may be able to be offered more discounts or save some money somehow else!

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