D23 Expo Announcements – What I’m most excited about

After the D23 madness, here are a few things that I am most excited about that they announced.

Being a London girl, and my childhood being full of Mary Poppins, I must admit. I am very excited about the Mary Poppins attraction coming to Epcot. It kinda makes me want to visit it with my mum since she’s a huge Mary Poppins fan too and she’s the reason why I loved it so much as a kid – I remember us watching it together so often! Mary Poppins is a fantastic film with some of the best film songs ever and I’m really excited that a new attraction is heading to the UK pavilion. Intrigued to see what the ride will be and look like. And I do think this ride will become a very popular ride in the park, especially with the recent release of the new reboot of the film.

Next, again from my childhood Lizzie Mcguire was a favourite TV show of mine, not forgetting the film…HEY NOW, HEY NOW…super excited for this but also a tad nervous in case it isn’t as good as what I’d like and expect. You know, the TV show was a big hit for me back in the day that I don’t want it ruined especially that I’m now 20 and not a 7-year-old who loves anything with 0 opinions. Come on Lizzie, do me proud!

Marvel Avengers Campus is something that I am so excited for. I’m so glad Marvel is coming to the parks more, especially that it’s being added to the DLP park which is the closest park to me. When I visited in February this year, the New York hotel was already being changed to Marvel and walking past it with the design idea posters really made me excited to see the final product. I think the rooms are going to look incredible and its defiantly going to be a great place for huge Marvel fans, but also a great experience for people who may like Marvel but not be a die-hard fan. But anyway, the Avenges Campus, 1) I love the name 2) The concept art looks incredible 3) The Walt Disney Studios at DLP needed something new and to be updated so I’m glad about this added feature 4) All ages are going to love it  and 5) Who doesn’t love a superhero?

One Day at Disney the documentary series from the cast members point of view is something I am so so interested in and can’t wait to watch. As someone who is debating about having a ‘yolo’ moment in their life one year and doing a working program with Disney, I really want to find out more about their job roles and behind the scenes of working at Disney. I love that they have thought about this idea and want to bring it to life for everyone to see. I hope it does fill us in with a load of facts and information and surprises us with things we wouldn’t even realise! So happy they are doing this documentary!

Lastly, I’m also very intrigued and slightly confused about this Star Wars vacation experience called Galactic Starcruiser. I am a girlfriend to someone who is a HUGE Star Wars fan and so, when something Star Wars gets announced I hear a lot about it from Joe and I do want to understand the whole concept in case its ever an idea that I could surprise him with (when I win the lottery because this girl does not have the p for all this Star Wars stuff). I want to find out more about this and I hope soon we do because right now to me it doesn’t make a lot of sense to exactly what it is and exactly what the experience will be. I think no matter what it will be great because they wouldn’t announce it and say about a 2-night adventure if they didn’t have big ideas up their sleeves. Although I expect this to SO much money and therefore a lot of people will miss out with the opportunity and experience because its too much money…who knows?

D23 had some good announcements but overall, I was quite disappointed with the Disney Parks Panel. I don’t feel like a lot of new things were announced or anything that made me scream with excitement. A lot of it was focused on Epcot which I am excited for, but I guess I just expected some more big announcements to be made. However, I look forward to seeing the announcements develop and come to life and in the next few years’ experience them!

What did you think of D23?

I am happy to announce that I am listed as one of the Top 75 Disney Blogs – Top 75 Disney Blogs

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