Is Disneyland Paris worth the money?

Is Disneyland Paris worth the money? YES YES YES!!! IT SO IS!

Over the past 2 years I have visited DLP twice and so I have spent quite a bit of money on Disney recently… but, I don’t regret any of it!

Since I don’t have all the money in the world, I do try to find the cheapest option for myself and Joe so we don’t end up spending loads on one holiday. Obviously the price of Disney is a lot and you could get a 2 week holiday somewhere else for the price you pay, but for me when i’m there I don’t even think about the money. I don’t walk around stressing about how much it’s cost and whether this or that is worth the money.

Disney makes your holiday experience incredible in every way possible. DLP is a small Disney park since there is only the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. But I think the rides, entertainment, dining and shops within the parks are some of the top Disney elements. It’s so magical and full of things to look at every step around the parks.

Just like other Disney parks, you’re able to do so many things once inside Disney. Such as, meeting the characters, watching the parades and shows, heading into the shops and restaurants and being apart of the Disney atmosphere.

There are ways to make the holiday even cheaper, such as staying in a Disney partner hotel or staying even further outside of the park and travelling in. Also, you don’t have to always visit the top end restaurants or buy thousands of souvenirs.

Disneyland Paris, I believe will always be worth the money to me. It’s so incredible, beautiful and magical and it truly is the happiest place on earth (along with the other Disney parks). I think something that makes it better than other theme parks is the atmosphere thats created. The music that plays all around the parks, the smell of the popcorn or bakery, the lights at nighttime, the joy on everyones faces, the outfits everyone wears with their ears and Disney tops, the photo opportunities, the characters walking around and the ability to experience Disney with my boyfriend is something I will forever treasure.

I’ve made some of the best memories at DLP and whenever I leave i’m always thinking about when I can next visit. The reason why I don’t go as often as I’d like is because of the money and because I don’t have a spare £300 or more to spend often, but if I could and if Joe would want to spend the money too, then trust me, I would be getting me a annual pass and visiting as much as possible!

Even though there may not be as much at DLP compared to other parks, it’s so easy to get to (especially from London for me), there’s a range of hotels just a walk or bus ride away, theres shuttle busses from the airport, the translation is on it’s DOORSTEP LITERALLY!!!!, the popular rides are there, the food is always amazing, you can buy merchandise everywhere, its a short journey away from Paris and less busy!

If you’re thinking about visiting DLP then go! It’s amazing in every way possible and I will forever try to go there as often as I can because it makes me so so happy.

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