Disney tops in Primark at the moment

I popped into Primark today and found a few Disney finds!

Firstly I found this Disney jumper. Sooo cosy and comfy and a lovely fit. Only £8!
This is a top from the men’s section but, it’s a great fit, personally for me it’s a bit of a oversizes top but no problem with that! £6
Now this one is my favourite! So so cute, and I love a black and white print. Defo coming with me on my next trip – £6
Another one I absolutely love! Such a simple, cute, classic top of Mickey! £8
How cool is this one?? Love it! Imagine it with a leather jacket, great look! £6
Finally, a cute Winnie the Pooh top. Lovely for summer and so adorable! £6

I love the Primark collection they have for Disney, always stocking new tops and now that I have my trip planned I’m always keeping my eyes out for a favourite! Plus, their tops are so cheap, can’t go wrong!

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