How I’d like my next Disneyland Paris holiday

After being Disneyland Paris 3 times now, and 2 of those times being recently, I’ve started to think about how I’d love my next trip to be like!

I’ve stayed in 2 Disney hotels, Cheyenne and Santa Fe. I think the next hotel I’d like to stay in is Sequoia Lodge. I love the look of this hotel and have always wanted to stay in a lodge and so this would give off the lodge vibes. Also, it has a swimming pool which the other two hotels doesn’t! The other two hotels that I’ve stayed in are typically the cheapest and that’s why I’ve picked them, so if I had the money then Sequoia Lodge will be my next choice!

I think the length of time I have done previously at Disney works well. 5 days, 4 nights. It allows you to take your time and do most things. I could do the rides in less time than that depending on how busy the parks were, but having 5 days to browse, take rests, have a lie in if wanted and just take your time instead of rushing 24/7. So, again, I would do 5 days and 4 nights at Disney.

Now being Disney in the Summer and Winter, I would prefer to go in the Summer. Just so you can trust the weather a bit more and hope that it doesn’t rain, the parks stay open later, you can wear less clothes instead of wrapping up in 7 layers, the day feels longer since the sun stays out longer, you can eat as many ice creams as you like…to me, it’s just that tad bit more fun in the Summer! However, I would love to visit Disney over Christmas one time just to experience the magic and Christmas theme (maybe one day when I have saved my yearly salary…)

Just like my other two trips, I have to go with my boyfriend Joe. Going with Joe makes it even more special and amazing and makes me feel so full of love!! Couldn’t beat going with him.

Some things I’d like to do in my next trip are:

  • The hot air balloon in Disney Village
  • Meet more characters instead of just Mickey
  • Buy a t-shirt or a jumper
  • Check out/go into the other hotels
  • Take more photos!!!
  • See the Wild West show or see a film in the cinema
  • Try a new snack

Since I am going Florida next year, I’m unsure when my next Disneyland Paris trip will be…knowing me and Joe probably not too far into the future! But, these are a few things that I’d like to happen for my next trip!

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