My thoughts on Disney Village (Disneyland Paris)

The Disney Village is the Paris version of Disney Springs, however much much smaller.

Disney Village is filled with restaurants and shops including McDonald’s, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe. Shops include the World of Disney, The Lego Store, Disney Fashion and a few more!

There is also the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and a cinema!

I think for the size of the Village, Disney has packed in a good range of dining and entertainment for all types of guests.

Disney Village is in a great location which is between the parks and the Disney hotels. Therefore, if you walk to and from your hotel, you will walk through the Village. I think this is a good location since you don’t have to go out your way for dinner and it can make your day longer by looking in the shops before heading back to the hotel! Also, not being a long walk from the parks so it’s easy to pop out during the day for some food and walk back after!

The Disney Village looks really amazing at night time when all the signs and shops are lit up – really sets off a fun atmosphere!

I think what’s included at Disney Village is a sensible amount. There are different price range and cuisines for dining and shops to entertain different wants/interests.

Personally my favourite restaurant in Disney Village is the Rainforest Cafe and my favourite shop is probably the World of Disney just down to the look of it from the outside and the range of items available inside. Although, I will always make sure I visit the Lego Store to see what new builds are in there…I love to see the facts about the Lego such as, how long it took to build!

I do think the price range for the restaurants are mostly on the more expensive side however there are cheaper options but as we all know, Disney is expensive anywhere you go so you expect there to be the higher end restaurants.

When the parks close, Disney Village can get pretty busy and cramped but it isn’t too overcrowded! Once everyone is either eating or back at their hotel, the crowd level is enjoyable.

For me, I think if there was more room, I would suggest to add a few cheaper restaurants just to help out the budget or maybe even a quick snack cafe like a bakery or sweet shop so you can grab something small instead of a full on meal. I also think it would be cool if there could be another show added. The Wild West Show is something I’d love to do, however it is pretty pricey! I think having a cheaper show option would defo be appreciated by the visitors and give them something else to do in the evening. Especially when it’s the winter and the parks close earlier, I found that I was heading back to the hotel so early simply because there wasn’t much to do!

My thoughts on Disney Village is that it has what it needs although there could be more. It’s quite a small space so that holds back what they can add. I love going into the different shops but it would be nice to have more options of what to do in the evening. It’s a cute part of Disneyland Paris and I’m glad that every morning and night I get to walk though it before entering the park.

I’m excited to see what Disney Springs is like in comparison to Disney Village (I mean, it’s going to be A LOT BIGGER).

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Disney Village (Disneyland Paris)

  1. We always ended up grabbing a quick nighttime snack at the McDonalds in Disney Village. We were obsessed with the McFlurrys!! They gave you so much more chocolate and sauce with the ice cream than they do back home!

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