Disney VS Alton Towers

Recently I visited Alton Towers (a theme park in the UK) and I thought to do a comparison between Disney and Alton Towers.

The theme:

Disney obviously has a theme of Disney within the parks and has different themes throughout the parks, such as Toy Story and Star Wars. I love this about Disney because it keeps the excitement alive and always gives you something new to look at and experience, along with being able to be apart of your favourite film or characters.

Alton Towers doesn’t really have a theme. Don’t get me wrong, the rides look amazing and they’ve done a great job in making the rides look impressive, but there isn’t a word for me to sum up the theme. In my opinion, this is something they’re missing since it creates a better atmosphere and look of the overall park.

Thrill rides:

I’m a massive fan of all types of rides and will always be up for going on something new and trying out a different concept of a ride. Personally, I think Alton Towers beats Disney with the thrill given from their rides. This could be because Disney is very much based on kids and the magic for them so it takes away the ‘allowance’ for thrill rides. I know that Disney have some thrill rides like Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, however Alton Towers has some rides that I had never experienced before such as Nemesis and Galactica. These rides were insane and actually made me feel nervous going on it which I don’t feel much at Disney. This is just a personal preference due to me being a rollercoaster lover.

Size of park:

Alton Towers is a fairly big park but in a way this annoyed me. It involves a lot of walking to get to another ride which is quite tiring after a few hours. Whereas with Disney, there are rides constantly and it doesn’t take a lot of walking to be faced with a new ride. I feel like Alton Towers could be improved by having rides closer to each other – little kids aren’t going to want to walk far!

Food & restaurants:

Disney for the win!!!! Not just because of the Mickey shaped snacks but because there are so many food stalls and restaurants and options! Alton Towers has a okay selection of food but there isn’t much around. Like I said, there is a lot of walking and this also involves trying to find something to eat. Plus, on busy days or rainy days this means all the sit down restaurants are full up for hours. The food I had at Alton Towers was nice, no hate for the actual taste of the food but it would be beneficial if there were more options or stalls around. Disney offers food at every other step you take. Yes it costs more, but it’s nice to be able to have such a wide selection of dining and snacks.


Again, Disney wins. While being at Alton Towers for 6 hours, I didn’t come across 1 bit of entertainment. In Disney they would be on their third parade by then…I feel like entertainment makes a park more fun and interesting and gives another reason to go or stay. For example, you’ll stay till the end of the park times in Disney to view the fireworks, or you’ll plan your dining around watching a parade. There is so much constantly going on at Disney which makes it even more amazing and makes it suitable for all ages! But, Alton Towers didn’t offer this. Whether I missed it or they only do entertainment at certain times of the year, it just lacks the creativity and excitement.


Is any Park ever going to beat Disney? Probably not. But Alton Towers is a great park to visit with great rides, a children section, reasonable prices and is a overall fun day out. But with the unique and special elements Disney has, its still unbeatable. I enjoyed my time at Alton Towers but having visited Disney it does make you compare slightly and think about what Alton Towers is missing. If you can visit Alton Towers one day, then do because you won’t be disappointed with the amazing rides. But the whole experience isn’t going to be as incredible as Disney.

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