Would I ever work at Disney?

This year I have been thinking a lot about doing a summer at Disney World. I would love to experience to magic from an employee side of the park, along with spending my summer in such an amazing place, hot weather, making new friends, working with customers again and simply understanding more about Disney.

Although, it does me think. If I worked there, what if something went wrong and I saw Disney in a different light. I don’t know what could go wrong but say I keep having bad days at work whatever that may entail, would it ruin my visits to the parks? Since Disney is such a big love of mine, it’s like I want to protect it and never let anything ruin it, like going there with someone I’m not friends with or going and it raining everyday, but working there could it change the way I see it?

I think working at Disney and only doing a few months there would be something I’d love to do in my life. I think it’s a once in a lifetime experience and for hardcore Disney fans it would be incredible to be able to say ‘I’ve worked at Disney World’.

I also think due to living in the U.K. and always living here, for me I have the element of moving miles away from home, being with no family or friends and doing the experience on my own. Which I think could be good for me since I can be more independent and it may be a good learning experience within myself. However, I’m unsure whether I could cope being away for that long and being ‘alone’.

I think it’s fantastic that Disney offers summer placements. It’s difficult when I work full time because I couldn’t just take 3 months holiday, it would probably be the case of quitting my job and heading to Disney, which again, isn’t the easiest nor ‘smartest’ idea to do, it could be very risky…

Even though there are a few elements which makes me think do I really want to work there. I also think, I could have the best summer of my life. I’ve worked in retail, Ive worked with customers, I love the atmosphere of Disney, I want to be apart of Disney. It’s only for a few months and it could change so much of my life and make me a better person.

I think for anyone thinking about it, go for it! Life is too short to worry about all the things that would be irrelevant when you’re out there. It’s about taking every opportunity you can and bloody hell if Disney want you then HELLO DISNEY WANT YOU!!!!!! GO! You’ll never experience a job like working in a Disney park anywhere else, it’s truly something different and has a completely different world of life to it. Not forgetting how many different roles there are within the park. I doubt any day would be the same nor would any day be boring.

I seriously hope one day, I am able to grab this and go and live a part of my life working at Disney.

3 thoughts on “Would I ever work at Disney?

  1. Loved this blog! You’re so right. Working at Disney does slightly scare me because I don’t want anything to change how I see the parks and how magical they are. Nevertheless, it’s something I totally want to do!


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