Toy Story 4 VS The Lion King

With the recent release of two new Disney films, I was straight to the cinema to see them.

Here’s what I thought about the films…

Toy Story 4:

I grew up with the Toy Story films and therefore they have a special place in my childhood heart. I had toys of the characters and it was nice that my brother also was a huge fan!

I was really excited to see Toy Story 4 and it met my expectations. I mean, I didn’t know what to expect from a new film, years after the others. But I had a feeling that no matter what, the film was going to be a good one. Which I was right about! Firstly, the quality of the film is insane. Obviously technology has improved since the first Toy Story film, but the difference is crazy. It really shows how far the quality has come in a few years. The film looked so appealing to watch.

I think the storyline was good to have a slightly different twist. Obviously from Toy Story 3, we knew the toys were now with Bonnie. However, I loved the remembrance and references to Andy. It was nice that the film was also focused on Andy and the past with him as their owner.

I think it was nice that the main characters were all involved, however I feel like they could’ve been shown a bit more but I guess it was time to introduce new characters.

The new characters were interesting. A very random bunch but they went well together. Personally, I think the dolls were actually really freaky and I feel like for the younger age group, it would scare them a bit (maybe I was just a baby child 😂). I think the storyline with the new characters worked well due to them wanting Woody’s voice box. It added suspense and tension as to whether Woody’s voicebox was going to go. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Keanu Reeves was a voice over for a new character…love that!!!

Now, the ending. I cried. You really sit there and think ‘aw yay Woody is returning and it’s all a happy family again’ with slight upset that Bo isn’t joining them. But the second Buzz said ‘she’ll be okay’ (I think that line was around those words) I instantly knew…Woody isn’t going home. It’s great to see Woody finally venture out and not being worried about everyone else, but my heart did break slightly that he was going away.

I think overall, this film was a good watch and I’m already wanting to see it again. It has humour, tension and upset in the film. It’s defo going to be a film collection I’ll continue to watch in years to come.

The Lion King:

HOW CUTE!!! Seriously, the animals are so cute in this film, which I already knew from seeing the trailer.

I think The Lion King was a good film, but it felt so much more child friendly. I kind of sat in the cinema and actually felt like I was too old for it??? I’m only 20!!! But it just had a much more relaxed vibe. For example, the scene where the piece of fur is floating around for ages – kind of irrelevant? I get the concept but did that part need to be as long as it was…

Like Toy Story, the quality of this film was incredible. The nature and animals looked so real and I think it made the film have a special element to it of almost watching real animals.

For me, the best part of the film was the Meerkat (Timon). Granted, meerkats are my favourite animal so maybe that’s why I enjoyed him so much, but he was so funny and really added the humour element to the film.

Weirdly, I didn’t cry at this film. Everyone was saying ‘oh yeah you’ll definitely cry’ but no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad at parts and I felt emotion towards it but not enough to cry? Whereas with Toy Story I had a few tears! Whether that’s because Toy Story was more involved with my childhood so I had a connection with the characters more, or maybe it was just perceived more emotional and like the end of an era.

An amazing part of this film was the music. Beyoncé smashed it and the songs sounded so so good! Could you expect any less when Beyoncé is singing? I don’t think so!

So to conclude, for me, Toy Story 4 was the better film. However this doesn’t mean that The Lion King wasn’t a good film because it was! I think because Toy Story 4 has other films with it, it’s created more of a story already and you have the past to look back on and you already know the characters. You have a connection with the films and followed their journey. Whereas The Lion King it was just a remake of the film and therefore, it wasn’t a new story. I think remaking Disney films is a fantastic idea due to the difference in quality and music and actors voices, it does have a new effect on the film and so I’m excited to see any other upcoming remakes.


Toy Story 4 – 9/10

The Lion King – 6/10

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