My experience with Magic Breaks

My previous Disneyland Paris trip was booked through Magic Breaks. I had heard about Magic Breaks for a while but never fully investigated it and plus, I am someone who worries about whether its completely safe and therefore, I’d rather book through the Disney website since it’s 100% legit.

I spoke on the live chat quite a few times to Magic Breaks just to fully understand to process and find out as much as I can. Unfortunately, when we were ready to book a deal, it sold out. This happened a few times and so it got to the stage of ‘maybe this is a sign we don’t go’. I mean, we really wanted to go however when something keeps going wrong it makes you double think it.

However, with the help from the quick, responsive live chat, Magic Breaks staff were helpful with saving us as much money as possible. They also offered phone calls to ensure the preferences we wanted were met and understood clearly. The staff at Magic Breaks will always try their best to save you some money, whether that’s finding the cheapest dates or the cheapest hotel.

For us, we wanted to stay in a different hotel to last time, but the price kept going up and the rooms were selling out. Until, one night we were looking and changing dates and we found a cheaper deal for a longer stay! We were thrilled and instantly knew it was meant to be and therefore the rooms kept selling out etc.

Do make sure you keep changing dates and the length of time of your stay because sometimes it does work out better for you! We were planning a shorter break, however with the fantastic price that appeared for 5 nights we took it!

Once we found this deal, I messaged the live chat again just to ensure it was correct – we were shocked that it was cheaper, so we didn’t want it to be a glitch haha! The staff, as always, replied straight away and reassured us on any worries we had.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to ask if they can knock some money off, they want you to book so they try their best to persuade you to complete the booking.

I was told that the tax could be taken off the booking which bought it below £400 each which is what we wanted! It may have only been a few pounds saved, however every little helps…especially when it comes to Disney which is an expensive place overall. I then made a time that I could call the staff member to complete the booking – they book it with your details and send over emails once its confirmed. Amazingly, they were able to book a time that was convenient for me which was 8pm in the evening! Great customer service! The phone call went perfectly, and the staff member always repeated the information to ensure I was following correctly and that everything was right.

I found the process very positive and informative. It’s great to know that the staff would try their best to achieve you the best deal and the best holiday for your money. The booking process was easy by simply giving my details across the phone and then receiving all the information by email.

I would defiantly use Magic Breaks again. It can be cheaper than the Disney website – not always by much but as I said before ‘every little helps’. It’s a safe website that I haven’t had any issues with before, during or after the booking. I also felt safe and confident with handing over my details.

With the responsive customer service and the friendly tone over the phone, the customer service truly is great from Magic Breaks. They know what they are talking about and they know how to get you the best deal.

Through Magic Breaks, we also got some discounts including 10%/15% off Planet Hollywood and Earl of Sandwich (my favourite!!). These discounts were super helpful and were easy to use – print off the vouchers and hand it to your waiter at the end of the meal! There was even the choice for a call from Mickey, which would be a great feature for Disney lovers or young children!

Please, do look into Magic Breaks because you may be able to get a fantastic deal with some great, supportive help from the staff.

8 thoughts on “My experience with Magic Breaks

    1. Hey! Magic breaks does all the work for you! They book the holiday and i paid and gave my details over the phone. It can be done as a package or separate parts i believe. Give them a Google, defo worth looking into!

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      1. Ah he must go! Would be great to experience another Disney park! Magic Breaks offer good deals too with discounts for dining. My advice is to talk to someone on the live chat to find the best deal for you!

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