My favourite book’s I have recently read

I used to love reading as a child and as I got older, I only read things that I needed to. However, recently reading more and realising how helpful it is for my mental health, I have been reading nonstop! I like to read romantic, teen books and self-love books. Here are some of my favourites:

You Are A Badass:
This book is all about self-love and ‘being a badass’. I could put this book down and it truly opened my eyes and made me think about things from a different perspective. It made me realise what I currently want from life and what I want to achieve in the future. I got through this book so quick, it’s a fairly short book but because its so inspiring and motivational, it didn’t take me long! It really made me believe in myself and I feel like I could read it over and over again just for that extra motivation at a time I need it most! I would 100% recommend this book for everyone to read just to help yourself and your thoughts. Become a badass now! 10/10

All the Bright Places:
This book was a book that made me attached to the characters. It was fairly obvious that the girl was going to fall for the boy but that didn’t stop the loving connection being expressed. It did include a sensitive topic for some people, suicide, but I believe the book presented this in a way that people need to be more aware of suicide and take more care into what they say to people. The ending of this book, I did think was going to happen, but I had hope that there would be a twist – there wasn’t…I felt quite heartbroken. I know this is a good book considering how it made me feel when it finished; I didn’t want it to finish. 9/10

Everything, Everything:
This book was one of the first books I began with and god was it a good one. It’s a very different approach to a love story and an illness I had never read about before, it kind of made a change to the usual illness’. This book really reminds me of the new film Five feet apart. I haven’t seen this film but the trailer of it seems exactly like the book – whether it is based on this book I’m unsure but the short clips I’ve seen of it really reminds me of Everything, everything! I will have to watch Five Feet Apart soon to see! But anyway, this book is cute but also sad because of the illness but it makes the relationship and feelings for each other that bit more special! 8/10

Letters To The Lost:
This was another book that I couldn’t put down. I think I read this book in my own personal record timing. It touches with some serious issues that people go through so it can be quite sensitive for some readers, but I believe it’s a book people need to read to be aware of what real life can be like at times. It gave me to sense of sympathy and upset since death, unfortunately has been a big part of my life. I think the way the relationship grows and the anonymous side of not knowing who they’re writing to, was a brilliant idea and was something I haven’t read before. It was a clever idea to build the relationship through the use of letters to start of with and then through made up names online.  9/10

Finding Audrey:
A cute, relatable book. I feel like this book could be perceived in the wrong way and that ‘love can fix a mental illness’, but I don’t personally take this book that way. I believe, that love can help anxiety and having that special person as a reason to step outside your comfort zone is something that real-life experiences. Suffering from anxiety myself, I felt connected to this book. Personally, I’ve never felt like I can’t leave the house or talk to people, but anxiety has been a part of my life for many years now and obviously everyone is affected differently. It made me feel like I can do anything I want and to not let anxiety stop me which I think is the real purpose of this book – to make people believe in themselves more and say yes more because the end result could be incredible. If you suffer from anxiety, I think this book could be a beneficial read to you. 7/10

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k:
After reading You Are A Badass, I wanted another inspiring, motivational book. My friend recommended this book and so I read it! I think this book was good, but I think reading it after You Are A Badass, may have made it seem not as good in my opinion. The word ‘fuck’ I believe was said way too much in the book and it kind of started to piss me off a bit. It’s like ‘oh I can say the word fuck in this book so I’m going to say it so much because I can’. Now, this isn’t me saying I hated this book, I didn’t. But I would defiantly recommend You Are A Badass over this book. However, this book did inspire me to chill the hell out and think things through more. I think since reading books on self-love and the mind, it has helped me in the way I think and react. I wouldn’t say I’m now an angel and never overthink or overact, because trust me I do. But reading books based on the mind and yourself, really did make a positive impact on my life. I would suggest reading this book and seeing how you get on, just be prepared to read the f word A LOT! 5/10

I’ve read more books but these are the ones that stand out to me and when I think about what I’ve read, I instantly remember the storylines.

4 thoughts on “My favourite book’s I have recently read

  1. I love reading, not exactly self-help or self-motivational type books really, but reading definitely takes your mind into a whole different place, but it is good that you are learning some good things from these books.

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