Items I’d love to buy from Disney World

From Disney there are many things I would like but maybe wouldn’t spend my money on, especially considering how expensive the items are in the parks. But here is a list of a few items I would love to get, whether I do or things I wish I could get.

  1. Spirit Jersey
    This does hurt me a little for how expensive this jumper is, but I know for sure I will 99% most likely buy this on my first day at Disney (if this is possible to on the first day). I’ve told myself since they came out how badly I want one and that I will save some money aside to get one. When I went DLP, the pink and black ones came back in stock, so I checked them out there, but the reason why I didn’t get one is because the back of it said DLP, whereas I want one with Disney World on! I’m really struggling to decide what colour I want to get. My boyfriend says black which I understand since it will go with everything, but I really fancy a colour! I recently saw in a vlog a yellow one and it looks so super cute! The decisions for a spirit jersey colour are truly very difficult…
  2. Souvenir coin
    This is a much cheaper option but ill keep some spare change to get one of these coins since me and Joe have got one both time we have been Disneyland Paris, and so it’s like a must do for whenever in the future we visit Disney. We get the one with the year on so we can look back on the years we visited.
  3. Pandora
    I’m aware that Pandora shops outside of Disney also sell the Disney line, but I feel like it would feel so much more special and magical to get it from the parks. It’s like a sentimental piece where buying it from Disney would make it more meaningful.
  4. Star Wars tops
    When me and joe last went Disneyland Paris in February 2019, there were these matching Star Wars tops of Han and Leia saying ‘I love you’ ‘I know’ on. I’m so gutted we didn’t buy them there and then because I haven’t been able to see them online yet and id love to get them for Joe’s birthday in preparation for our Disney trip! Hopefully I can get my hands on them soon or at least something very similar.
  5. Keyring
    I think as another little memorable of our first trip together to Disney World, I would love to either just get myself a keyring or matching keyrings for me and Joe. I did see in a vlog these #1 husband keyrings but I’m unsure whether there are #1 girlfriend and #1 boyfriend ones since we aren’t married yet haha! But if not, I may get myself just a small one as another souvenir.
  6. Mickey and Minnie teddy
    If my case was big enough and I had all the money in the world, I would 100% get the biggest Mickey and Minnie teddies. I had a photo with one done before and its such a perfect size to cuddle. I love the classic teddies of Mickey and Minnie, but I wouldn’t be able to bring the big size home! Therefore, I may consider the small ones just as a keep sake and put on display in our bedroom when me and Joe move out. I’m really thinking ahead here…
  7. Chocolate
    I am an absolute chocoholic and Disney have so many different little chocolate snacks that I’ve never tried. They do all these little bars within a packet which is just plain chocolate, but I’d love to finally buy myself a packet and probably finish them all within 5 minutes but chocolate from Disney, it’s a must right?
  8. Mug
    I’m not someone who uses mugs a lot purely because I don’t drink hot drinks, however the mugs from Disney are UNREAL! The Baymax one is defiantly my favourite and I would love to get it one day and pray it doesn’t die in my suitcase. Its so plain and basic but just perfect – I love Baymax!!! I need it!!

Without being to Disney world, I’m sure I am oblivious to hundreds and thousands of different items I would love to buy. But off the top of my head, these are 8 things that are on my wish list and hopefully one day will be mine!  

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