Is starting an Apprenticeship a good idea?

Since May 2018, I have been a digital marketing apprentice. I am almost at the end of my apprenticeship; should be finished around September/October.

My work has been super supportive of my apprenticeship and always helped in any way they can. I’ve been super lucky with my work and progress to be offered a permanent role before finishing my apprenticeship and allowing to start this role with my better salary also before I have finished. Have to admit, I’m super proud of myself!

I never wanted to go to University, the thought of still being sat in a class and doing 3 years of studying and exams just isn’t for me! Therefore, I took the apprenticeship route and I’ve never regretted this route!

My apprenticeship has helped me so much within my own personal development and my career development. The confidence I have gained from my apprenticeship is something I never thought would happen. I didn’t realise that I was able to be this confident and grow this much. I can happily say, there is still so much room for my confidence to grow and depending on the task at hand, I can struggle to be confident but by experiencing the real life of work, it really has made a change in myself. For example, I went to Manchester alone (I work in London) to present to a group of people what my company does. Honestly, if you told me to do that 3 years ago, I would’ve pulled a sickie…

Along with confidence, I have matured so quickly. People at my work think I act more so much older than what I am. I feel like I’ve always been quite mature for my age but the difference from when I started till now is insane. However, it has raised some issues because now I almost dislike people who aren’t on my level of maturity. Does that even make sense? It’s like I feel so determined and grown up, that if someone says something that I claim pathetic or immature I can’t even deal to carry on the conversation. Is that maturity or simply done with the world…who knows. Maybe a bit of both.

Within my career, my apprenticeship has gained me so many new skills. It has helped improve my creative side, my maths, my attention to detail, my written communication and my knowledge of the digital marketing industry overall. Instead of sitting in a classroom listening to someone for hours on end and constantly revising, I am doing something I enjoy and learning on the job – for me that’s the best way to learn.

Experiencing what the workplace is like and experience the travel, the long hours, it really has made me feel professional and knowledgeable on what adult life is like. I may sound dramatic and over the top but seriously this is why apprenticeships are becoming such a bigger thing and more people are getting involved, because they make such a difference to people’s skills and development, you can’t fault them! Plus, its so nice to be doing something I enjoy and gaining experiencing while getting paid. I understand that the apprenticeship wage rate can be low depending on what the company offers, and you can earn more being full-time in retail, but you’re not going to have the same experience as an apprenticeship, nor are you going to achieve as much. Plus, once the apprenticeship is over you could be on a fantastic wage and it will allow you to have gained a year or more experience to put into better companies with better salaries.

Granted, not all apprenticeships are probably going to be as good as mine has been, tbh I didn’t expect everything that has happened to happen. But, being in a company that can offer you guidance and support and challenges, is something to look for. You don’t want to become an apprentice but actually be the coffee maker or file for days on end. So, you do need to research into the company before accepting a job or even before applying to ensure it is going to be beneficial to you. Glassdoor is a great website to find out what employees think of their past or current company.

I think if you are really aiming for something in life that involves a degree then maybe University is the route for you. But if you are unsure or want to earn money, look into apprenticeships and take it from me, it’s been so worth it.

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