Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Yesterday I went to the cinema and saw Spider-Man Far From Home. My likeness for Marvel has grown massively very quickly, mostly due to my boyfriend loving the films. I had seen some of the films before, however, I have made my way through many of them and only have a few left to watch!

I have always liked the Spider-Man films and since Tom Holland has been Spider-Man, I’ve enjoyed it a lot more! I think the storyline of him being a student but also has such an important part now within the Avengers is a great difference compared to the other Avengers.

This film kept me hooked throughout. I was always interested and didn’t find any of it boring which I always feel is a good success for a film. Personally, I think this film was better than the previous.

It continued with the love story line between Peter and MJ. Even though the story line between them two can be quite awkward to watch since they are having this ‘young love awkward’ stage of their life, I think it is also a sweet relationship which grows within this film – the ending is pretty cute!

Quentin Beck / Mysterio is an interesting character. I don’t really understand his costume and I find his head a bit weird to look at? Maybe i’m missing something as to why his head looks like a filled fish tank, but to me it just seems a bit unnecessary…Did you think Mysterio was good or bad? I guessed bad at the very moment he turned bad. I just had a feeling that something was up and plus, doesnt every film these days have a twist! Can’t trust anyone!

I think the memory of Tony within the film is really special. He defiantly isn’t being forgotten and it’s a touching continuing from Endgame. It still feels weird that Tony won’t be in the film himself anymore, but it’s nice to see the remembrance of him through Peter and Happy. Happy is such an amazing person, he’s so super cute and I just love him! I think the best touch is the glasses that Tony left for Peter. It’s a special moment and clearly is something that Peter needs to help him along his way, now that Tony isn’t here.

Like other Marvel films, there is always great humor which is something I really love about these films. I love the references between films such as in this film, Happy has his Captain America moment…he still needs to practice his shield throwing…

I found the whole (I’m not even sure what to call it) technology stuff from Mysterio very cool but in a way hard to follow because it was all over the place and so much was happening to Spider-Man. However, it was a great new element and I actually sat there during it thinking ‘it’s crazy how filming technology can do this’. I think it was quite predictable that Mysterio was going to be against Spider-Man in the end because otherwise, the story wouldn’t of gone that far! But I didn’t think it was all fake and the way that Mysterio created the fights and how he acted like he was fighting them but instead it was all drone work! Very clever!

I found the fact that the film was based in different locations really interesting. I find travel interesting so obviously seeing places I haven’t been before was nice to see. Although, I found the London scene the most interesting and intriguing because where it was set, I actually went to college in the building next to the Tower Bridge, so it was pretty insane to see my college in the film!

This film was full of action, love and humor and I really did enjoy watching it. So much so, I would happily watch it again soon because I feel like I need to take it all in further now understanding how Mysterio works.

Remember, stay till the end – there are 2 after credit scenes. The last after credit scene really has confused me so I’m already interested in knowing what is going to happen in the next one and to understand what the after credit scenes mean!

So far, I have found the Spider-Man films a great watch, particularly this one since I am pretty eager for the next one already! I’d probably rate this film 9/10!

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