Men in Black International Film Review

The other night I watched The Men in Black International. I haven’t seen any of the Men in Black’s before (I know I should) so I went into seeing this film pretty oblivious of what the films are actually about.

I feel like the only word to use to describe this film was ‘weird’? It kind of felt like a long film but also that there wasn’t much of a story to it? I mean it makes sense but it’s also a bit like what? I get the whole M wants to work for Men in Black and is stalking them to find out how and I get the flashback of when she was younger and she saw them arrive but in that sense what I felt was a bit weird was that random monster turning up in her room. It made me feel like I was watching a U rated film not a 12A…

Now don’t get me wrong, the film had some great actors in, some of which are my favourites, including Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson. And I wouldn’t say the acting was bad, I mean these actors have been in so many films they clearly know what they’re doing. I knew by having Chris Hemsworth in it, the film would have some humour to it (which it did) and obviously he isn’t too bad to look at either (topless scene…you can’t go wrong). The film was funny, especially the fighting scene where Chris Hemsworth (Agent H in the film) pretends to be Thor (his character in Marvel) and attempts to force the hammer to him and expects it to have the same effect as the actual hammer in Marvel. It was good for the directors to add that crosslink of films.

One issue I do have is the enemies within the film. There’s these two guys who ‘fire up’ and melt things which begins to think okay there will be a huge fight between Agent M and Agent H against these two melting guys…I don’t know their names, or whether they even had names…
However, when they meet each other on the Island there is no fight at all and all of a sudden the melting guys are dead NOT EVEN BECAUSE OF AGENT M AND H!!! It just kind of felt a bit like ‘oh so that’s the end of them then’, like was there actually any point of them even being in the film if they die so easily.

I didn’t really expect that the film would include ‘monsters’, I thought they would be fighting and shooting at other humans and wouldn’t enter a club full of different species. I didn’t mind this approach, but I feel like for the age I am now, I prefer films where it’s a bit more realistic and have humans hanging around with humans.

I also feel like the ending of the film was a bit too quick. We find out the High T (Liam Neeson) is against the Men in Black, but it all happens so fast and short then he’s also dead??? I don’t feel like there was much of a story based on just one thing, it was more like a range of short stories. I believe that there could’ve been more of an investigation into whether High T was against them.

I think the film was very average and has some room for improvement – not that I’m a film director just my opinion haha!
Since I have seen this film, it does make me want to know what the other Men in Black films are like and whether they’re a similar style.

2 thoughts on “Men in Black International Film Review

  1. I heard that this MIB film wasn’t very good at all. The first 3 films, actually the first MIB and the 3rd one were excellent. The 2nd MIB was pretty good, but not as good as 1 and 3. The third installment of the MIB films is actually one of my favorites as it wraps up the story of agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and agent Jay (Will Smith) and it’s a bit of a tear jerker in the end as well.

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