What characters do I want to meet when I visit Disney World

Straight up with you guys. I am not a character lover! Ever since I was younger and basically cried every time a character came near me at Disneyland Paris, I’ve had this ongoing ‘fear’. But thanks to the fact I’ve grown up and I want to have cute photos, my fear is slowly disappearing…

1- Mickey

Any trip me and joe go on to Disney I will always make sure we meet Mickey. Even if that means waiting over an hour in a boiling room like we did at DLP..let’s not talk about that again..but Mickey is a must when I visit Disney and I really do love getting a photo done with him! How can you visit and not meet the main man!!!!

2- Baymax

Now, I have this worry that when I get to Florida Baymax may be, shall we say ‘outdated’ and therefore won’t be there to meet. But I’m praying this isn’t the case!!! I’ve loved Baymax since big hero 6 came out and I finally got joe to watch the film and he also loves him so it’s kind of became this cute thing between us how we both love him so we defo want to get a photo with him if possible. Plus how funny is the photo going to be with a huge white cuddly Baymax!!! Fingers crossed he is still there when we go.

3- Minnie

If I don’t get the opportunity to meet Mickey and Minnie together then I would like to still try and meet Minnie alone. I’ve never met Minnie so it would be nice to finally get a photo with her, especially since I always meet Mickey. I mean, her outfits are so cute I need to photograph that!!!!

4- Darthvader

Yes I will be terrified but I know that joe being a Star Wars fan would love it so I will force myself to meet him with joe for the sake of his enjoyment. He’s probably pretty cool to meet but being a ‘bad guy’ I’m sure he isn’t the most pleasant to see.

5- Pooh

We met Winnie the Pooh at DLP. Joe wasn’t buzzing for this meet and greet but since Pooh is so cute I just had to get a photo of us together. And now I’ve got the one photo…I need another and another because I feel like since Pooh is so bright and colourful it just makes the photo look so much better??? Does anyone understand me on this logic…

These are my top 5 characters I hope to meet when I visit Disney World. I mean it I don’t I won’t be absolutely distraught because as I said me meeting characters isn’t the most happy experience but I’m getting there and tbh I do it for the sake of the photos and memories created around it!

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