The park I’m most excited to see at Disney World

Due to never being Disney World I am going to go at at time where it’s so developed and so many new things are being put into place. For example, my boyfriend joe has been 3 times and he hasn’t been in a few years and within that time the parks have changed so much and so of course he is excited but it’s super exciting to know he is also going to see new rides or lands or snacks when we visit next year!

Obviously like most people I’m most excited to visit Magic Kingdom for the obvious reasons of the castle and atmosphere and design – it truly looks incredible and I’m sure it will live up to its expectations when I visit.

Apart from the Magic Kingdom, I would like to say I’m next most excited for Hollywood studios, however since I’ve been DLP 3 times, and there they have the Magic Kingdom and Walt Studios, they are slightly (SLIGHTLY) similar due to the rides and design. Hollywood studios is much bigger and more to it at Florida compared to Paris and I think due to Toy Story Land and Stat Wars Galaxy’s Edge I really can’t wait to see these lands in real life and experience the whole look and feel of it!

So besides Hollywood studios which it’s similar to Disneyland Paris, I think I am secondly (technically third) most excited for Animal Kingdom!

Again, like most of the parks, Animal Kingdom has its particular display that everyone wants to see when they visit, which is the pandora part of the Animal Kingdom. This is also super exciting because joe hasn’t seen this before so we can be excited together about it! It looks unreal and the work that was put into it seems incredible. I can’t wait to finally have a photo of me and joe standing in front of the master piece! The design work they put into Pandora is next level! Not forgetting how I can’t wait to finally know what the Pandora rides consists of!

Along with this, I kinda like the fact that when I visit Animal Kingdom I can fit into the theme of the park without necessarily wearing something Disney – such as wearing leopard print shorts or a snake print top! I’m already planning when I have over a year to wait haha!

Also, one of my most exciting things I want to do is the safari trip which is in Animal Kingdom…I’m currently trying to decide whether I want to do it early in the morning or during sunset or during the night! Or maybe do it at 2 of those times since we are going for 2 weeks!

Linking to this land, the Animal Kingdom Lodge is the hotel I want to stay at most! It’s pretty expensive so whether I ever will I couldn’t say but hopefully even for a few nights I will be able to experience having the animals so close and seeing them from where I’m staying! I defo think it would be worth the price for the different experience you get and it probably feels like you’re not even in Disney due to animals being at your backyard! Good thinking Disney!

Now of course I am so so excited to see everything I can of Disney when I visit and thinking about it I struggle to pinpoint just 1 or 2 things or parks that I want to do most because they all have different elements and experiences (not forgetting snacks) which may them unique and exciting for different reasons! But once I’ve been I’m sure I’ll have an idea an opinion on what park I like best but for now I’m just a bubble of excitement for my first trip…

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