My thoughts on Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Firstly, I haven’t visited Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, nor will I be seeing the one in Disneyland because my next Disney trip is to Florida.

Secondly, I have seen videos and photos of the land so that is all I have my thoughts based on.

Here’s what I think about Galaxy’s Edge so far!

The look and design of the land is INSANE. The attention to detail Disney has taken, just like they always do, never fails to surprise me. I saw a tweet that in one part of Galaxy’s Edge, they have created a delivery area and at the side of this area is the walls which have marks on them like asif cars have hit the walls when coming and going. Something as simple as putting some black markings makes the land so much more interesting.

The design truly seem breathtaking to enter somewhere which looks so much like the films. All week Joe (who is a masssssive Star Wars fan) has been saying to me how much of a dream land it is for him and how excited he is. It really is place for Star Wars fans to live their fantasy and feel apart of the films they have grown up watching. I do believe that being a fan of Star Wars or having watched the films will make your experience so much better. Although, even without seeing the films, you can easily admit that the land is so impressive and looks amazing!

I really can’t wait to see Joe’s face when we visit Galaxy’s Edge in Florida – I think he will be like a kid on Christmas day!! Personally, I can’t wait to see the Millennium Falcon and go on the ride!

Along with the design, I also am intrigued by the food and drink options available. I’ve heard that you wont be getting any chicken nuggets and chips in this land, which I think may make it difficult for some eaters but it isn’t the end of the world because you can simply eat before entering and therefore, no reason for someone to struggle over getting some snacks.

I am especially intrigued to try the Blue Milk. I’m not too sure if I will like it but it’s defo on mine and Joe’s wish list for when we visit! Along with this, I think my food of choice will be the Fried Endorian Tip-yip (crispy chicken with roasted vegetable potato mash) and the Batuu-bon (chocolate cake). Images of these make the dishes look super tasty! So hopefully, it will live up to the expectations!

Next, it seems like Joe is going to spend his whole months pay on the activities and merch in the land. I do think the activities look really cool and I defo would love to do them, however much like a lot of other things in Disney, the prices are quite high! To do the lightsaber building activity it’s around $200. I would absolutely love for Joe to experience this and do whatever he wants considering it’s such a special land for him, but $200 is a lot especially, if you have a family with 4 kids who all want to do it and who all love Star Wars. I do thinking building your own droid for $100 is more acceptable – still a lot of money but the cheaper option of the two which will still be something really fun to do!

I do think that Joe will do the droid building which i’m so up for! I think the activities are something great to add to the land and the experience, however it does mean splashing the cash – an expensive day out!

Now, I haven’t looked much into the Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run ride, purely because I don’t want many spoilers. I have heard that the whole experience of this is around 40 minutes, because they have created the ride to involve activities while you are still queuing. I think this is a fantastic idea because instead of waiting in a boring queue for over an hour, your time will be spent experiencing the build up to the ride.

Overall, I am so excited to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, especially that Joe is a huge fan, it makes it that bit more exciting and special. The look of it looks incredible and I really can’t wait to step inside this world and be greeted by the cast members who are in character speaking their own particular Star Wars language, seeing the Star Wars ‘code’ language around the land, seeing new merch, seeing Stormtroopers walking around…they really have gone above and beyond! I still have over a year until I see the land at Florida, so i’m sure by then I will have seen so much more about the land as more people visit.

Well done Disney, from my view, it seems like you have smashed it!

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