John Wick – Chapter 3 Film Review


The other night I went and saw John Wick 3 at the cinema. After being such a fan of the first film, I watched the second and knew I just had to go and see the third.

Now, films like to keep creating and producing which can sometimes go in the wrong direction – they try and do too much and produce unrealistic, repetitive films.

However, since the second John Wick film ended, we all knew there was going to be a third based on everyone wanting to kill him for 14M.

And well, that’s exactly what this film is about. I wouldn’t say its my favourite John Wick but it is still an interesting, easy, funny, GRUESOME watch.

It start off with a very traumatic library scene which actually made me cover my eyes with my hands because the book could do a lot of damage I didn’t even think was possible…

Most of the film was people fighting John so it did feel a bit like ‘come on someone just die now, get this over with’ but obviously, no one wants to see John die so it keeps it tense and interested to see just how much John can survive; if you ask me, he’s like the Phil Mitchell from Eastenders… NEVER DIES!!!

A lot of it is of course based around the high table and the consequences because John killed Santino D’Antonio, so it is interesting to see that side of the story develop.

Thank god his little doggo was presented in the film a few times, it’s nice to see at least something cute among the blood, stabbing and shooting.

The film again does have some humour, mainly the way John kills people and the savage he is…when he throws the axe oh my god HE DOES NOT CARE!!!! Nor does he ever miss.

Some may say that the film is very unrealistic purely because for how many people tried to kill John, hardly any missed and somehow after all the fighting, John always has the energy for more. Tbh when I was watching this film at one time I did think to myself ‘when does he even sleep’ although, I guess if thousands of people are trying to kill you then I guess staying awake if your best bet.

The film again did have some touching moment about his wife which is lovely to have her involved and show Johns love for her.

I think my favourite fight was either with the dogs biting every mans penis and balls (private parts if you like), or the last scene of John preparing for the invasion at the hotel and then finishing them off in no time.

The ending however, I think could have been different. Instead of him being picked up and taken by the homeless people, I think it could’ve finished with him just on the floor so we don’t know if he was alive or not. BUT, that ending would be basically the same as the first.

If you are going to see this film, prepare for A LOT and I mean A LOT of fighting, blood and gruesome scenes, there’s a reason why its a 15. It’s a film I would watch again and it follows the other two perfectly. A good watch, I’d rate it probably 7/10.

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