My Disney Goals

I think my main goal is more like a dream…I would love for my blog to become popular and to be read by many Disney fans and to have a community following it. It would be great to be able to feel like I’m really talking to people in my blog posts and to know that people are interested in what I have to say and to also find out what others think about a certain topic through their comments. Being a blogger has always been a dream for me and even just finally setting up a blog and posting every week makes me happy – it’s like me own private time to just type up my thoughts. However, with the huge competition of social media and the demand of blogging, I don’t expect to be this huge success which is understandable!

Another Disney goal is to stay in one of the most deluxe hotels. Either this being the Disney Hotel at DLP or a deluxe hotel in Orlando – if i ever win the lottery this is what i’ll treat myself to! The Disney Hotel in Paris is just so super handy because you’re in the park – wake up in the morning, go downstairs and you’re there – also to see the fireworks from my bedroom window, amazing! As mentioned, staying in a Deluxe Hotel at Orlando would be so unreal! Some of the hotels there just look insane with the theme or bedroom design or pools, maybe one day…

A massive goal for me is to work at Disney World one day. Although this is very difficult due to working and getting over a month off – isn’t possible with 25 days holiday…I think it would mean quitting my job to go and do this experience but, is it really that simple? No. But, it is something I am very passionate about and I vibe off ‘you only life once’, so I think it’s something that may be a challenge to achieve, but an experience I would absolutely love to do and to be able to say ‘I worked with Disney in Florida’ would be incredible.

I would also love to visit Disneyland in California. I have been to Disneyland Paris, and booked to go Disney World next year. My boyfriend also wants to go Disneyland so hopefully one day we can! I do want to do a roadtrip around America so maybe we can stop off at Disneyland then! Who knows…

Along with Disneyland California, I would like to also visit Disney in Toyko. However, this isn’t something I realllllly want to do – purely since Toyko isn’t a place on my bucket list, it’s more if the opportunity occurred then I may take up the offer!

This is a bit more random, but when I get married (many years into the future haha!) I would like to have a Disney themed wedding. Not massively every inch and corner Disney themed, but for the table names to be related to a Disney film, or the cake to be slightly Disney themed – I have said to Joe that I will allow a Han and Leia figure at the top of the cake…also maybe have the invites Disney themed with a different character on each invite! I don’t know, but i know for sure i want to have Disney involved with my wedding.

Continuing on the marriage theme…a honeymoon at Disney would be a dream! I would like to go somewhere like the Maldives purely since it will be much more relaxing than Disney, but celebrating the aftermath of the most amazing day in Disney does sound like a perfect dream! However, if i do spend my honeymoon in Disney, I will have to force my partner in ‘Mrs’ and ‘Mr’ Disney themed tops…

So there they are! My Disney goals. Apart from the usual ‘a goal of mine is to try every Disney snack’ or ‘I want to get proposed to in Disney’, these are some of mine different goals relating to Disney! I think some of them could come true one day in my life, I hope at least one does!

6 thoughts on “My Disney Goals

  1. Sounds like you got some big dreams, but you never know!! I used to loooooove Disney anything and everything LOL!! I’ve been to Disney waaaaaaay back when I was 16(43 now lol) with my grandfather. We went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom & Universal Studios it was fun, but could’ve been better if I wasn’t having a relapse with my kidneys…that parts not fun at all, but it was pretty freakin cool seeing everything, it’s actually a bit overwhelming.

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    1. Exactly I never know! And awww I wish I could’ve gone with my grandad! But that’s unfortunate! I hope you’re okay! And yeah I can’t wait to go there next year and see how truly amazing it is

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      1. It’s nice memory I will always keep with me. Thank you, but no worries I’m fine, I’ve had kidney disease since I was 2 so I know when it’s happening and I’ve been doing everything possible(my last relapse was 6 years ago) to keep from having another one. Like better eating habits, less frozen or packaged food, more fruits and veggies and going to the gym. 🙂

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  2. Hey Georgia, thanks for following us over at My Dreams of Disney! I’ve followed back. I hope your goals come to fruition! If you need any advice on your blog and seeing it reach greater levels please feel free to message me. I’m a travel agent so my most public email address is, but I started as a blogger first. Good luck!



    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for your comment, I’d love to get in touch and receive some help to grow my blog! It’s something that i really want to achieve and something im passionate about. I’ll send you an email soon!


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