Best shops for Disney Gifts

There are so many Disney gifts around, especially some really special cute pieces to buy someone special in your life – boy or girl!

1 – You can’t go wrong with trusty Amazon.
Amazon supply a range of Disney gifts for sometimes really great prices- not forgetting the prime delivery to receive the gift in no time! I think if you ever wanted to get a bulk delivery of Disney gifts, then Amazon is defo your go to. They supply gifts such as DVD’s, clothing, teddy’s – all sorts.

2 – For me, my favourite place is Etsy.
No Etsy doesn’t supply original Disney gifts because Etsy is a site where people can sell their own items. Some of these items are so so amazing! From handmade ears, to Disney planners, to countdown items – some truly amazing things available, i love it! I will also check on Etsy for some gifts for Christmas or Birthdays – do please have a look if you haven’t before!

3 – ShopDisney (as mentioned in my clothing blog)
A great trusted website to get the REAL Disney stuff. It can be expensive but that’s Disney for you…ShopDisney supply items from the parks which i think is so so handy for that surprise item that someone has seen when they were at Disney – I’m currently keeping my eye out for something for my boyfriend which was in DLP which I hope will be added. ShopDisney also supply a range of items which you are ensured are the proper Disney products.

4 – Don’t forget about eBay!!
eBay can be a risk for a few people, but you may find that certain, out of stock, old school, really expensive gift being listed on eBay. Do your research into the seller and ask any questions to find out if it’s a reliable source – but if you can’t find something you’re desperate for, take a look and you may be lucky that someone is selling it!

5 – Primark
Primark do some really cheap gifts which allows you to buy a huge sack full for someone for the price of a couple of pounds. Primark have really great products such as beauty (mirrors, hairbrush), luggage tags, clothing and shoes, CUTE PJ’S, hats – the list goes on. For the price of it, the quality might not always be the best but it’s a bargain for something really super cute!

6 – Pandora
Ok onto a more expensive piece, but Pandora have an incredible range of jewellery available. From charms to rings to necklaces – a beautiful Disney gift can be found in Pandora.

There are so many other places such as Argos, Clintons, Supermarkets…everywhere is supplying Disney! But for me, these are the top 6 that spring to mind and are a range of different items that you could treat yourself too or buy something for a friend or family member!

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