Best shops to buy Disney clothes

SO many shops these days have Disney clothing. I’m going to list a few which are my favourites and that may help you when deciding where you wanna get some Disney merch from!

1 – Obviously, we have Shop Disney (
which is the official merchandise from Disney parks and Disney shops. Shop Disney is a great site if you want the ‘real deal’ and the latest trends or if you see something while you’re in the park and want to order it when you’re home or keep checking if it goes on sale! I will be keeping an eye on this website now that my WDW trip is booked!

2 – Now my favourite is Primark. Primark has such a wide range of Disney stuff; constant new items coming in. This includes clothing, shoes and accessories! You really can’t go wrong with popping into your local Primark and seeing what bargains you can get!

3 – Boohoo can sometimes sell some really good Disney items. I seem to recall that Boohoo was one of the first online shops that I use that started selling Disney items, whereas now a lot of the online shops do too because it is such a popular clothing brand! Boohoo do clothing items for both winter and summer so they apply for whenever you visit Disney or whenever you fancy a Disney update in your wardrobe.

4 – H&M can be more on the expensive side for Disney merch, however when I last visited DLP I was looking for a hoodie since I was going in the winter, and H&M pulled through with the great selection of choice! I wouldn’t say they have a huge range, but the items they do have are great quality – you get what you pay for! The hoodie I got from there was this dark green colour with an ‘old fashion Mickey’ on the front, super comfy I love it!

There are other online shops such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided that do Disney tops along with other retail shops such as New Look and obviously the Disney Store.

I need to get a few tops for when I visit Disney next year, so I will be looking in the Summer sales for some deals!

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