20 things I want to do at Disney World

In September 2020 my boyfriend and I are visiting Disney World together. This will be my first time to America, which makes me even more excited for my first visit to Disney World!

There are so many things I can’t wait to do and see, even going on a big aeroplane with screens and food!!! Me and Joe have so much planning to do for our trip but since it is so far away, we have time to think about what options to take and what to do! But there are a few things that stand out the most to me that I hope I can during my first visit to Disney…

So, here is a list of 20 things i want to do during my visit:

  1. Buy a spirit jersey; most likely the black one!
  2. Try a Mickey sandwich and lolly
  3. Meet Mickey (obviously)
  4. Eat at Be Our Guest
  5. Eat at Sci-fi diner
  6. Try Dole whip
  7. Watch the fireworks in the different parks
  8. Do the Kilimanjaro Safari
  9. Try to go on all the top rides (force my boyfriend on the ones he’s scared of)
  10. Buy something from the bakery
  11. Visit Disney Springs
  12. See some other Disney Hotels (we are staying in All Star Sports)
  13. Watch a movie outdoors/campfire
  14. Try the blue milk from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
  15. Get a coin souvenir (me and Joe have always got one of these when we visit DLP)
  16. Look out for hidden Mickey’s
  17. Have a picture with the Tangled lantern
  18. Watch the Indiana Jones show
  19. Isn’t particularly with Disney but i really want to visit Ihop!
  20. Meet Baymax

Here’s hoping when I visit, I can tick all these off my list! Although I’m sure there will be many many more things added closer to the time…

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