What to pack when visiting Disneyland Paris!

I’ve been to Disneyland Paris 3 times now (hopefully many more times in the future also) and I think I do a good job of taking the essentials! The packing would depend on who you’re going with; for example going with kids would mean taking a lot more than what I would probably do since it’s just me and my boyfriend. But this could help a few first timers visiting the parks!

Now Disney is a very clean park however when you think about how much you may touch such as gripping the handles on the rides and how many people touch them day in day out, your hands may not be the cleanest! Therefore, I think its a good idea to either carry hand gel or wipes to clean your hands before you eat your next meal – I’m not a massive clean freak but it’s just nice to have fresh hands when dealing with food.

An umbrella but also a fan! Depending on what time of year you go will depend on what weather you have, but France doesn’t always mean sunshine 24/7 in the summer. For me I had temperatures of 32 degrees but one day it could rain while you’re there, so take an umbrella so you can avoid getting wet and then you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying one there! And of course, if you visit in the winter months, there’s more chance of rain so make it easy for yourself and keep dry! Although on the other hand, also debate taking a portable fan if someone in your group suffers with the heat. Waiting in lines can be tough when the sun is beaming down on you, so take something that could help you stay as cool as possible.

Lip balm for me was an essential, especially when I visited in the winter. You will most likely be out in the weather for the majority of the day, eating all types of food and your lips will take some damage of this. Therefore, a small lip balm will save them from bothering you!

A portable charger is so important! If you’re away from your hotel room all day and want to take countless photos, then your phone battery will go down and trust me; you need battery to capture the fireworks at the end of the day! So, portable charger and a lead will be perfect for the people who like to take photos, or share their day on social media. Although, try to get a slim small one with a good battery life instead of a huge chunky charger that will take up so much room!

Plastic bag!!! You never know when you’ll need a plastic bag to carry something whether that be a jumper or some food. Easily fold it up in your bag and then use it when needed!

Along with cleaning your hands, take wipes or tissues for any mess that happens! Whether its ice cream or someone needs to blow their nose in the middle of an hour wait queue, wipes and tissues are super handy!

These are a few things that I like to keep with me when I visit the parks. Try to not take so much that you’re carrying this heavy bag all day because trust me you want to be comfortable when walking and standing up all day. Take the essentials and things that may help if there’s a certain situation.

Happy packing!

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