10 things I want to do before I turn 21

So, I’ve just turned 20 therefore I have a year to try and complete these 10 things on my list! I’ve made them achievable and things that I am serious about doing and completing.

1- Book a trip to Florida Disney World (THIS HAS HAPPENED ALREADY)

2- Read more books on self love/confidence

3- Save more money; I already save but I need to stop buying silly things and actually focus on saving for my future

4- Potentially get a new job or at least be going for interviews to work in a new company

5- Stop eating such a huge amount of chocolate per week

6- Continue to gossip less. Since I’ve left school and college I really have ‘calmed’ down with the amount of gossip;this is also due to the people I used to hang out with loved to have a bitch about everyone. However I really want to try and not talk about behind for the sake of joining in the conversation.

7- Work hard!!!! I really want to succeed in life and my career and therefore I need to take every opportunity I can and really push myself to overcome my anxiety with events and presentations and just say yes and get on with it. I want to be able to be proud of my process and know that I’m doing a good job.

8- Paint my nails better. Ngl I do have very nice nails and I do paint them fairly okay..but when I go and have them painted by a professional god I realise how much of a bad job I do! So nail care and painting is a goal.

9- Don’t get so angry. It really doesn’t take much to get me fired up and i can blow up a problem way more than what it needs to, therefore I need to chill the fuck out basically!!!

10- Bake more. I went through a phase of baking every chance I could but working full time really does take away the time of being able to do something I really enjoy. I probably should focus more on learning to cook since that’s a tad more essential than baking, but baking tastes unreal so I want to try and bake something either every weekend or at least once a month haha!

Let’s see how this goes…

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