THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!!! ITS OFFICIAL, IM GOING WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! I can’t even believe I’m finally able to say this and tell people that it’s happening; instead of saying ‘if I go…’ I can say ‘when I’m there’ truly amazing.

I’m so grateful to have saved the money myself and to be able to afford this special, magical trip!!!

So I’m going with Joe (my boyfriend) and we are going in September 2020. We are staying for 14 nights in the All Star Sports Hotel! We’ve also bought the 3 park pass for Universal which I am soooooo excited about. We have got free breakfast, a $200 gift card and the memory maker! So we did it as a package holiday with the free dining plan which was such a great deal with great benefits! I’m super happy with our choice and I’m glad we got some discounts to help us money wise.

I’ve never been America. My longest flight has been 4 hours so it’s gonna be a nerve wracking experience but one I cannot wait to happen! I can’t wait to sit on a plane with 2 aisles and films to watch and get meals throughout our flight (yes I may sound a tad sad but I’ve never had this experience so I’m excited hahaha!)

I really can’t cope with knowing this dream I’ve had for years and something me and joe have wanted to do together since the beginning of our relationship which has nearly been 4 years, is actually going to happen. I can’t wait to finally experience everything I’ve been watching on YouTube and looking at online, it’s finally going to happen!!!

We have such a long wait but hopefully it won’t feel as long as it sounds but tbh now I know it’s booked and it’s actually going to happen, I’m kinda content with waiting because at least now my dream is going to come true!

I’m so excited to start planning and sorting out what fast passes we want and what restaurants to reserve (obviously I have ages yet to even reserve these but the planning can start whenever right???)

I’m incredibly grateful to be visiting this insanely magical place with the love of my life and I just know it’s going to be the best time ever!


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