Avengers Endgame Review (may include spoilers)

First of all I’m going to put it out there that I am not a die hard Marvel fan. This is simply an opinion from someone who has watched the other films and enjoys the story line,characters and movie scenes. Therefore what I’m about to say could be ‘wrong’ to some people but here is my review of Endgame…

I saw Endgame last night and this morning I’m still trying to process it.

A lot happens in this film and there is a lot to understand. It’s emotional, gripping, funny and truly a great film.

Even though the film is 3 hours, it didn’t feel like it because I was that involved with the characters feelings and the storyline. Therefore since I didn’t feel like it a long film, that’s when I know it’s a good film. There are parts that maybe could of been cut down in some people’s opinions but to me I felt like every part was relevant and kept the viewers interested even if the scene may not of be essential.

The beginning follows the end of infinity war very very well. It’s a clever beginning and instantly makes you have emotion and feelings to the film within the first 3 minutes.

As most films, some parts were slightly predictable, for example the scene with

Natalia and Clint. This scene even though it’s SO emotional and to be honest hard to watch, it was one of my favourite scenes. Their relationship love for each other was beautiful in this scene and was expressed perfectly. For me, one of the best parts of the film. Or that I’ve ever seen in a Marvel film.

This film is very clever and at times I did feel slightly confused because of the way it’s structured however once figured out or I spoke about it with other people it made more sense.

Granted near the end is similar to infinity war with both teams coming together, however I felt that this time it had much more meaning and I sat there so tense almost wanting to shout at them COME ON PLEASE WIN!!!! Because by the title and fuss around the film before it was out, you knew this film was going to be the ‘end’ for something or someone so you want them to win even more than last time (obviously). Again, when a film makes me physically want to scream at the screen that’s when I know the film is being performed incredibly.

There are elements of very good humour in the film and it’s important that there is times you laugh because the film is so emotionally tense that you sometimes need to be snapped back into a ‘happy mood’. Thor is a hilarious character.

At the end you could feel the determination from the avengers and it was so gripping it’s like I couldn’t even blink because I just wanted to see every part of their journey and their ‘end’.

The ending is sad, very sad and it definitely has tears involved from the viewers. For the people who have followed Marvel all these years, it’s a tough watch. I think a lot of people are aware of one huge element that may happen but there are other things that I didn’t expect to happen. Weirdly the film almost makes me feel like they’re real and that they really are putting their life on the line to save the world and it makes me want to thank them for what they do. Bring tissues and prepare for sadness because it isn’t an easy watch on the sense of how upsetting it is.

Will Marvel be the same now? What will the next one bring? What’s going to happen with the characters? A few questions that I’m intrigued to find out.

Endgame is a fantastic film and I already wanted to watch it again just to digest everything a bit more. I’m currently trying to decide if this is my favourite marvel film however I think I need to see it again to decide that. It was definitely the saddest film they’ve produced. It really has pulled on my heart strings and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a insane fan.

Enjoy the movie and prepare for some changes.

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