Ways to save money!

If you’re reading this then you’re probably struggling to save money either for your future, an item you want to buy or simply as back up in case of anything!

I’ve struggled with saving money especially when friends ask me out or I decide I want a new style and therefore need to buy a ridiculous amount of clothes to keep up with the latest trends…I do also love to go on holiday so often, a huge chunk of money goes on travelling BUT that is something I am 100% okay with because its a dream of mine to see different places around the world.

An important factor to this is to try and not feel sooooo guilty if you spend some money. You work for your money so do what you like with it and treat yourself every so often; don’t make yourself unhappy by sticking your whole wage into a savings account.

However, savings are good to have and as I get older I wish I started saving much earlier.

Here are some tips to help you save!

1 – If you want to buy a new clothing item or product, then what you could do is put in a rule that the money you spend on a treat, you also save. So lets say, you spend £20 on a top, also then save £20 so you’re balancing out your treats and savings – happy with buying yourself something and feeling good that you saved.

2 – Set a limit that you save as soon as you get paid. If you do this, then you know that every month your savings will go up. You can act like you just don’t even have that money to spend since it’s going away straight away. With this method, you can then also work out your budget for the month once you have saved this money. Obviously everyone will be able to save different amounts depending on your situation.

3 – Once its in there…it cant be touched! This is a tough one but it’s a tip I use! So, once I have put the money away in my savings, i can’t get it out again (unless for example, your phone screen smashed or something that you desperately need money for, lets not be silly about this tip)

4 – Save what money you have left at the end of the month. Instead of potentially make yourself skint as soon as you get paid, say to yourself – any money I have left the day before I get paid will be put into my savings. Then you only go a few hours without the money until you’re paid again!

5 – Celebration money such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter is a great way to help your savings. Instead of spending the money on things you don’t really need, say thank you to the person who gave you the money and put it away to save for something actually really needed.

6 – Don’t order it straight away! I have this issue that if I get in a shopping mood – boom £60 gone just like that. I will sit there and add everything to my basket, not even debate what I’m doing and spend the money. A new rule for myself is to wait a couple of days to see whether I still want the item/items.

7 – Look for cheaper options. For me, i’m not a massive fan of drinking therefore if I go out, I rarely spend a lot on alcohol, sometimes all I drink is alcohol. But i’m out with my friends and socialising without spending over £50 on drinks! If you’re like me and you’re not fussed then have one drink and then a tap water(ITS FREE!!!!) then another drink – balance it out with cheaper options but still have a few drinks! Or, if there is this certain makeup product you want, do it have to be that specific one? Or is there a dupe that’s £20 cheaper…think about it, the cheaper option could do the same thing or even in some cases, be better than the more expensive product! Be smart about spending your money, look around for deals if you want to update your wardrobe, order the cheaper meal from the menu if you’re debating between the salmon or pizza, and finally…all toilet paper goes the same way, who needs an expensive piece of paper just to wipe your arse? Come on guys…

8 – Are you really using that gym membership that’s costing you £30 a month…? Cancel it!!! Do a workout at home if you only go once a month, think of how much you would save within a year if you stopped your pointless gym membership that you don’t use.

9 – Wait for the sales! If you need something new and black Friday is 3 days away, then just wait patiently and you could end up saving a fair amount of money! Even Boxing Day. Christmas shopping is so tense at times if you have loads of gifts to buy and if you’re child is begging for the latest PlayStation, as long as they don’t believe in Santa and expect the present on Christmas morning, then say ‘wait until boxing day and I will get you the present you want along with something else with the money I save’. Sales are my best friend, gotta love a bargain!

10 – Finally, see if the job your doing is available in another company that pays you more! Obviously this is sometimes more difficult, but to save money is easily done by being on more money! If you see a job advert and you fit the role and they’re offering 5 grand more then HELLO WAKE UP AND APPLY!!!! Easier said than done, but it’s something to think about if you’re really struggling to save with the wage you are currently on.

If you want to gain one thing from this blog post, then please SAVE SAVE SAVE! I regret it so much that I didn’t save from day 1 of working. Listen to me and learn from my experience, life is less stressful with savings behind you!

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