Top 3 Restaurants I can’t wait to visit at Walt Disney World

Hopefully, within the next few months my trip to WDW will be booked! We are currently waiting for the free dining plan to be available to book and it seems like once its out, we are going!

So, I wanted to share my top 3 restaurants I cant wait to visit!

1- Be Our Guest

I cannot wait to see the design of this restaurant! I am a fussy eater so the ‘posh’ expensive food there doesn’t necessarily appeal to me but I just want to go there for the experience and to almost feel apart of the film. Beauty and The Beast is a childhood film that I loved and Belle was one of my favourite princesses! So, it really would be magical and romantic to go there either for breakfast, lunch or dinner to spend the meal with my boyfriend and take in the surroundings – also the added extra of the fake snow outside the window…amazing!

2- Sci-fi Diner

Okay now this restaurant looks insane! I love the whole vibe and theme of the ‘olden days’ with the table being in a car while a film plays; I’ve always wanted to go to a film viewing while you chill in the car. Not forgetting that the food there looks so so tasty, I can’t wait to try it and I know for sure that my boyfriend will absolutely love the range of food on offer! This restaurant is probably the one I’m most excited for since I was only made aware of it a few months ago and since then I know 100% I will love it!

3- Lastly, I am looking forward to visiting the 50’s Prime Time Café. Joe wants to visit here, purely to tell the waiters that I don’t eat my vegetables…again, I am a fussy eater and carrots really aren’t a food I enjoy. We heard that you can have some sort of ‘roleplay’ within this restaurant (with your kids probably not 2 adults) BUT, Joe wants to snitch me up basically and create a fuss over me – got to love some embarrassment! But you know, if we do go to this restaurant and Joe actually has the guts to speak up and get them to mess around with me, then I will happily play along and create some entertainment for the people around us because it would be funny to experience watching a 21 year old forcing carrots down her throat. So really, this restaurant is on my top 3 list for the sake of the ‘banter’ and experience that we may receive. However, the actual theme of the Cafe looks so so cool and it’s something I’ve never experienced before – Essex doesn’t have many fantastic looking restaurants…

Obviously, there are many more places I can’t wait to visit and taste their food and I will probably have more blog posts in the future on these places/snacks! But theses are my top 3!

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