20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years

On Monday 1st of April I turned 20 – absolute madness…So i thought a good blog idea may be to give you 20 things I’ve learnt through my 20 years of being on this planet.

1. Things you worry about aren’t always going to be a worry.
One time in your life i bet you spent weeks and weeks worrying about something that you don’t even think of anymore. I worry about possibly absolutely everything and it drives in crazy! But truth is, I worried about something different last week than what i did today. Sometimes you may worry about such as a family member being ill may stick with you for years after, but little things won’t matter forever – remember this.

2. Save money whenever possible!
I started working at the age of 16 and i didn’t save as much as i should’ve which i really regret because now i’m at the age of 20, i could do with some savings behind me to prepare for my future aka moving out. So, when i have my own kids, i will be telling them to save as much as possible, when possible!

3. Don’t eat as much sugar.
Yeah… that’s right i said it! I admit i have a sugar addiction and that i wish i didn’t indulge as much as i did when i was a teenager! Sugar is absolutely lovely and chocolate is defo a weakness for me, but we gotta protect our hearts and have healthy insides!!! Sugar isn’t the best option for this – try to cut down!

4. You will lose friends.
For some people, this can be a hard pill to swallow. I have always been that person who is friends with loads of people at school and clicks with many and gets on with near enough anyone! I’ve had a good life with the amount of friends I’ve had but seriously, when you get to college and then working full time; THIS CHANGES!!! You wont be friends with all your school friends simply because, you’re friends with them because you see them everyday – not necessarily a friend you would keep in touch with after school. You will make new friends all the time and it’s great to meet new people and have a refresh of your friendship circle. It’s upsetting when you may lose some friends; some who you may of thought you’d never lose, but it happens and it’s okay that it happens! Sometimes, people are in your life for a reason, not always for a long time!

5. Work hard!
I have to admit, i find it hard to ‘jell’ with people who have no ambitions or want to work. Personally, i think as soon as you’re at the age to work or a few years later, go and get a job and work towards a fantastic career! Obviously i know it isn’t as easy as this and it’s different for all types of people, but seriously working is a fantastic thing to do, especially if you work in a job you love and a industry you enjoy! Work hard and earn your own money so you can do what you like want treat your family and friends; and of course treat yo self!!!!

6. Turn plugs off.
A random, old women one but if you leave the room for an hour…turn your light off, or your TV or whatever it may be that uses electricity that doesn’t need to be doing while you’re out the room. Just turn it off!!!!!

7. Don’t feel ashamed to treat yourself.
You work for your money, do what you want with it! I know i just made a point about saving but you can do both! Set a budget to save and a budget to spend on yourself if you like. Don’t work all these hours to stare at your bank account – make memories and enjoy the treat from working hard!

8. Travel often!
I absolutely love to travel and every chance i get i will go! I’ve travelled with my family in the past but obviously now i am at the age where i can travel with friends or Joe my boyfriend, and I’m going to go as many places as possible while i can. Travelling and seeing places is a dream!

9. Do what you feel comfortable with.
Anxiety is unfortunately a big part of my life and something I have to deal with quite often and it can stop me from enjoying myself or going out to events. I work hard on trying to improve my anxiety and make myself feel better but one thing I’ve learnt is, if i don’t feel comfortable or want to leave – then leave. Still to do this i worry about what people may think of me, I’ve been in a nightclub before crying and had to leave and all i was worrying about is what my friends would be thinking of me. It’s really hard to accept you need to do what you need to do, but think of yourself and put yourself first.

10. Start a blog.
A few years ago i thought about starting a blog and i never did, i regret this so so much! I wish i documented my life in the past instead of starting 20 year into my life. Blogs are fun and a great way to get out your thoughts.

11. Tell people you love them.
A tip everyone gives but seriously, tell people you love them. This world is so fucked up these days that anything can happen whenever. Don’t go to sleep angry at someone, sort it or at least end it by saying you love them or something nice – again, anything can happen!

12. Think about your outfits more.
What i mean by this is when you buy a new top, think about what it will go with and how many outfits can you get out of this one purchase? Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my style and what clothes i have and i’m going to start cropping some tops that I’ve been unable to wear because they’re too long so they’ve just been hanging in my wardrobe. I’m going to buy a belt to make outfits look different to when i previously wore it. Just think about a piece of clothing before buying it or chucking it – don’t waste it!

13. Read!
I get into these phrases where i’ll read loads then wont for months. But when i do read i love it. I’ve especially been loving more informative books and books that will help my lifestyle over a story. I recommend The Happiness Project and You Are A Badass. These books have helped me learn some life lessons and accept things better. Reading is good for your mental health too since it can take your mind off everyday thoughts.

14. Carry Lipbalm.
Just do it. It’s a life saver. I haven’t got time for sore lips.

15. Set goals.
I think setting goals is something really important for me. It gives me a focus and aim and i like to have a challenge to complete. However, don’t set a goal that is completely and utterly impossible like ‘walk to the moon’ because if you can’t do it, you’ll beat yourself up over it (you cant walk to the moon i am aware of that). But setting goals gives reasons behind things. For me, health goals are key, such as run 5K today or even simply ‘Georgia when you get home, do a workout’. But goals can be bigger than this. I do set myself New Year Resolutions that i try to stick to throughout the year – my one this year is to save (ngl it isnt going tooooooo well so far oops)

16. Don’t let your parent do everything.
Now that i am 20, my parents are getting older (they’re still capable of pretty much everything but they are ageing) At the age of 20, the roles are started to reverse where i look after my parents more than what i have ever done. I need to learn skills that will be needed for when i move out, so i cant let my mum do absolutely everything for me or i’ll never be independent and it’s going to take it our your parents if they’re still doing everything like you’re still 5. Let them rest and take responsibility!

17. Appreciate more.
You are alive, you are healthy, you are in a house, you have money, you have food, you have friends, you have family, you have clothes, you have a job, you have a phone, you have skills, you have TV, you have countries, you have photos, you have opportunities, you have internet, you have shoes, you have a bed. Appreciate more and be thankful for what you have.

18. Failure isn’t always bad.
Shoutout to Joe for this one WHO NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS TIP!!!! Failure isn’t always bad. It will feel like the end of the world when it happens, but try and think back to something you was so down about when you failed – does it affect you now? I failed my maths GCSE first time, honestly fell apart and thought this was the end of my life and i’d never do well in life. i retook it at college, absolutely loved learning it, loved my teacher, made a new friend and took the exam feeling confident and passed. Failure isn’t a bad thing, it can make you work harder and can feel more rewarding when you achieve it. If you can’t achieve it, then that’s okay. Failure isn’t always bad, learn from it; everything happens for a reason.

19. Take photos!!!
Yeah we have the memories that we remember, but photos are so important to me. I have albums and albums of photos from the past few years and i’ll continue to take photos and print them off so i can look back on them and also show my children in the future. Photos remind you of things you may have forgotten and the capture such important, funny, great memories in your life.

20. Go to bed when you feel like you need to.
I kinda have this bad issue where i don’t want to sleep until Joe does or i feel like if i sleep at 9 i’m a ‘baby’ or whatever i don’t know, it’s like the older i get the longer i have to stay up for just because i’m a teenager or an adult. Since working full time, i sleep when i want. I get so tired and i need the rest when i can get it, instead of staying up just for the sake of it. Get to bed and feel better the next day!

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