My Top 5 Disney films

Let’s jump straight in shall we…

1 – Tangled.
Oh I just love this film. The colours, the story line, the characters, THE LANTERNS, and the music. It’s such a cute but funny film with special elements, especially the scene where they sing I See The Light, oh so beautiful!

2 – Big Hero 6.
I love Baymax. The film is so emotional but a fantastic story about not giving up and doing something for the sake of a loved one. Plus I watched this film on the train to DLP so it has some great memories behind it.

3 – The Incredibles.
Oh my god, I absolutely love this film. The amount of times I have watched this film and love it every single time is truly something incredible! It reminds me so much of my childhood and it’s a film that will never get old! One day, I will go to a fancy dress party dressed as Mrs Incredible…hopefully the suit will look good on my arse as it does on hers haha!

4 – Toy Story.
I mean come on… who doesn’t love Toy Story. It’s especially great that there’s more than one and CURRENTLY AWAITING THE FOURTH OH MY GOD THE EXCITEMENT!!!! I grew up with these films so there’s defo an element of attachment and emotional love towards these films. Great characters, funny, brilliant story line – truly amazing! Let’s hope number 4 is just as good!

5 – The Parent Trap 1998 version.
I left my ultimate favourite film ever till last. This film has probably been watched more than 100 times. Like seriously, I love it and could watch it whenever, any day of the week, as many times as possible. Granted, I am someone who prefers more up to date films which are better quality but The Parent Trap will forever have my heart and no matter how old it may continue to look, I will always love it! The songs included will be played at my wedding FOR SURE!!! It’s fantastic and if you haven’t seen it then what are you doing with your life?

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