Summer vs Winter at Disneyland Paris

I have now visited Disneyland Paris in July and February, summer and winter months. Is there a better season?

Personally, I am someone who loves the sun and heat and I’m defo in a better mood when I can wear light clothes with my legs out and praying to get some sort of tan! When I booked my trip to Disney in February I was worried that the weather would ‘ruin’ the experience. For example, if it snows or rains will some of the rides shut?

However, going Disney in February, for me and my boyfriend, was absolutely fine! It didn’t rain once and we only had our first morning because super cold and foggy but apart from that, the next 4 days were beautiful sunshine! Although the temperate was low, it was easily fixable by wearing a big warm coat and gloves! I also think, when the sun is out it can actually make you quite warm walking round or standing in the queue even if the temperate is only 2 degrees. If you do go in the winter, do prepare for rain and disappointment if some rides shut but wrap up and carry an umbrella! Also plan some things that you could do inside if the weather is really bad, such as shopping, going for a drink or exploring the other hotels!

There isn’t a huge reason as to why I prefer summer at Disney, purely just because it was warmer! However, when we visited in July it was as hot as 32 degrees!!! And sometimes the heat can tire you out and not everyone wants to stand in a queue for 50 minutes in boiling sunshine (I don’t mind this too much but it’s understandable that people with younger children or who can’t handle heat wouldn’t want this experience). But by all means, take fans into the park and keep drinking water if you do struggle with the heat! Not all the queues are in the sun so there are rides you can do either queuing in the shade or inside so the heat doesn’t stop you from going on rides!

As long as there isn’t any really dramatic weather when you visit Disney, I don’t think the season matters. It does depend on what weather you prefer but it doesn’t take away the magic factor and there are things to do if it’s pouring down with rain or if it’s boiling hot. Disney is a fantastic place to visit no matter what weather! And from my experience of both summer and winter, I can’t find a huge difference which made a certain holiday better. To me, I don’t even pay attention to how hot or cold I may be because I’m too distracted by Disney!!

Do take time to research what the weather may be like when you visit if you are ‘fussy’, but I can assure you that for me personally, the weather didn’t phase me or ruin my experience!

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