A dream of working with Disney

I’m sure every Disney fan would love to work with Disney however it’s a huge goal for me and I really wish one day I can get a Disney opportunity.

I have recently been thinking about doing the summer programme at Disneyworld. However, since I haven’t been before and I’m planning to go in September 2020, I don’t want to ‘ruin’ my first experience with my boyfriend by going and working there before I go. Therefore I had to miss out applying this year and also next year! I would love to do this one year,although how do I get 1-3 months off work?????? So I’m not sure the way around this haha but I’ve set myself a goal that if I ever work with Disney in marketing in their London office, I will ask to do the programme! Who knows but it’s defo a huge dream of mine! I love to travel, work and Disney! Perfect right?

I’ve watched YouTube for absolutely years!!! Probably since I was in year 8 at school so…(tries to do maths) 9 years? Obviously YouTube has become such a bigger platform now and the opportunities people get are insane! I don’t have a YouTube channel but it would be INSANE if I focus on my blog and get offered a opportunity with Disney. Now I don’t have much hope in this but I’m working on this blog in attempt for this to happen! Focus on my goals and see where it takes me…I’m a big dreamer hahaha…

I also want to try and work with Disney in their London office or something related to Disney or even universal! I’m thankful I can travel into London, and I do think after my apprenticeship I will be keeping my eyes out for a marketing role with Disney because I do believe it would love it. Obviously I don’t know what it’s actually like to work for Disney but surely it must be great????

Personally, Disney makes me so happy and when I’ve visited Disneyland Paris I’ve never felt happier in life and therefore being able to work for Disney or have an opportunity from them would be the best moment in my life ever,no exaggeration!

4 thoughts on “A dream of working with Disney

  1. Great post! I’m a former cast member at Disney (If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer) As a side note, I had never been to Disney before I started working there and it was NOT a problem at all. I’m fact, it was more magical because you got to see the magic from both sides of the coin. Keep going and you will achieve your dream!


    1. Omg that’s amazing! Thanks so much for commenting! Yeah I do get what you mean and suppose I never thought of it that way before 🤔 I think I was just worried that it wouldn’t feel the same going my first time to work instead of a holiday! I do have one question actually, Working at Disney, is it as glamorous and magical as we all expect? Or do you have horrible bosses like in ordinary companies and tough days working?


      1. The first 1-2 weeks (depending on your role) is spent training, getting accustomed to the parks, and learning! So it starts off easily, and you’re able to go into the parks for free if you’re not working. It is AMAZING! After the “newness” has worn off, it still was great. You do get guests that are rude and obnoxious, but all of my management/leadership team was really supportive and helpful. You make friends quickly with your coworkers and walking into a Disney park every morning for work really never gets old. At the end of the day it is a job, so in peak busy times it is stressful and tiring, but overall it’s so much better than a “normal” job in a office.

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