Trip to Budapest

From Tuesday the 2nd of April to Thursday the 4th of April, my boyfriend and I visited Budapest. Budapest has become a must more popular place to visit in the past few years and I understand why!

Just to start off this blog with a joyful (very sarcastic comment) beginning…a little story to tell you all. So we booked this holiday through Expedia as a holiday package where we also booked our transfers through for our pick up and drop off at the airport. When we arrived to the waiting destination for the pick up this is where it went a bit wrong for us. So there were myself and joe and about 24 other people. We all see this small bus appear which obviously isn’t going to carry us all but we hover round waiting to see who is supposed to be on this bus. The driver makes a comment to me about because I’m small I may have to squeeze in and so I laugh it off and not think much of it – I take it as a joke…

So our names gets called out to go on this bus and we get in, a few people later the driver then says to me and joe that we need to squeeze up to allow another 2 people in next to us even though there was only 1 more seat available. This OBVIOUSLY wasn’t possible and so the driver asked us to go to the front and for me to sit on JOES LAP FOR THE JOURNEY. Imagine, over a half an hour drive me sitting on joe’s lap 1) uncomfortable as fuck and 2) does the driver want me dead????? Totally unsafe!!! So we refuse to do this and he says to then sit at the front next to the driver along with another person, again only 2 seats for 3 people to fit in. Therefore due to the unsafe journey ahead me and joe decided to not get on this bus. Now me being me I had a little cry (bare in mind I had been up since 4:30 and hadn’t had any food for hours). So the driver tells us to wait for the pick up he’s contacted. Long story short, we were the last ones there waiting for 2 hours just to be picked up from the airport. Absolute mess and defo put us in a stressed, unhappy mood! But anyway, we eventually got there and now let’s get onto the actual joyful part of the holiday.

Our trip was only short but we crammed in what we wanted to do.

Thermal baths – this is a must do!!! I wasn’t too sure what to expect apart from a pool looking bath outside. We arrive and it’s in this very posh looking building. There are so many baths within this building and honestly it is a bit of a maze…but once you get your bearings it’s fine! We headed straight to the outside bath first and it seriously looked so cool! The buildings are yellow which makes the bath water look even more blue and just adds a positive vibe to the baths. The temperature was perfect and even though it wasn’t the warmest day out, it didn’t matter because the bath keeps you warm! We also went into a hotter bath inside which was 38 degrees! So so lovely to just relax and not shiver like I normally do in a pool haha!

Fisherman’s baiston –

Okay this is a real life hogwarts!!! From our hotel it was about a 40 minute walk but me and joe don’t mind walking so we kept going up many steps to get to the building (I’m not sure if it is a castle but I’m gonna call it a castle because it’s what it looks like). The castle was very clean and the colour of it was white which made me realise I really like white buildings and how fresh they look. The castle wasn’t massive but the views and photos you could get of it was defo work the walk up there!

Night sightseeing boat –

We booked this trip on tripadvisor which was only like £7 each I think??? The dock for this sightseeing boat was pretty far from out hotel but again we didn’t mind too much to walk it. We got there a little early so just sat along the dock and watched other boats go past. The timing of this boat was spot on! Couldn’t complain about being late or waiting around! The boat was an hour long which allowed us to see buildings we had walked past during the day, lit up at night along with other parts we hadn’t seen by walking round. It was quite a romantic scenery so it’s a good one to do if you’re in a couple! No doubt you can do it with whoever because obviously it’s about the actual views. A nice end to our busy day!

Budapest is a very clean, old looking place with generic shops such as H&M and Zara but along with their own quirky places – there was a pirate candy shop which we walked past which looked so cool but we didn’t have time to go in there – I would recommend though!

There is more to do in Budapest however I do think it depends on your age and interests. Whereas for me and joe the time length we had there was perfect for us. We had time to take advantage of the hot tub in our hotel but also had time to explore what we wanted.

I probably wouldn’t visit Budapest again since I do feel content with what I’ve seen and done and therefore don’t feel the need to visit again, however for a short city break away I would recommend looking into Budapest! Also our hotel was lovely; no faults at all. We stayed at hotel continental Budapest and it had a cute little spa area, restaurant, gym and a roof top pool! Very clean and quite posh looking. Couldn’t say anything that was wrong with the hotel!

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