Rides I am most excited about when I visit Florida

I have only visited Disneyland Paris so my ride knowledge is limited but here’s a few that I cant wait to ride when i visit Florida!

I love the mountains! Space, Thunder and Splash. Obviously i haven’t rode Splash before since it’s at Florida, but basing it on reviews and what people say i’m certain i will love it! Obviously, due to loving the mountain rides, i cant wait to ride Space and Thunder again but in a different park!

I think the ride i am most excited about is Everest! I’ve seen so many little clips of the ride with the track part missing and i just want to finally experience what I’ve seen online so many times! I also like the fact that it goes backwards and not many rides I’ve been on in my life have gone backwards so its something different!

Rip Ride Rocket seems amazing!!!! I think the element of picking your own song is so so cool and i cant wait to decide what song to have while i ride! It’s such a great concept and idea that i look forward to riding!

Omg okay this list is actually really hard because there are so many i cant wait to go on!!

Next up, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train…i want to know why this ride is so popular and always has such a long queue! And also the Avatar Flight of Passage! These rides seem like two of the most popular rides (if not the most popular) so i need to find out why this is!

Test Track also looks like a cool ride! I love that you can create your own card and that it has an interactive side to it – really clever! Plus, i cant drive so this is the closest i’ll get to driving…

Soarin also looks so so incredible! I’m not the best at motion sickness so i hope the concept of this ride doesn’t make me feel rough haha! I’ve always stopped myself from looking at videos of this ride since i want it to be a surprise for when i go! But i know it’s a ride where you feel like you’re flying? Something along those lines!

And, of course i am so so super excited to go on the new Star Wars rides when i visit! Joe, my boyfriend is a Star Wars mega fan so being able to see him so excited is going to be so cute and nice and i cant wait to experience these rides with him! I think i may try and stop him from watching any clips of it so he doesn’t know much of what to expect…let’s see if he can last over a year without looking…

I could probably go on and on about all the rides I’m looking forward to but these are the top rides that come to mind when i think ‘what am i most excited for’. Who knows, when i go on these rides my mind may completely change for the next visit, if there’s one i love so much more than the ones listed above! We shall see!

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