Fitness goals for 2019

Even though we are already 2/3 months into 2019, i thought to list my fitness goals in case it would inspire and help anyone!

1. Use weights more!

I’ve always been one of those people who are scared of the weight section and the people using them. Silly i know, but i also know that so many people go through gym anxiety and find it difficult feeling confident doing something new and something out their comfort zone. So far this year, i have been using the weights more often; mostly leg press, abduction machine, leg curl and extension and dumbbells. I’m pretty happy with my progress so far and want to continue to try new machines and get more used to weights.

2. Start a new class

Also, i have recently started doing a gym class called Clubbercise which is the 90’s themed, dark room filled with coloured lights dancy class and i love it! I think due to my dancing background, now that i don’t dance anymore, it’s nice to do 45 minutes of fun dancing and proper go for it!! It’s hard for me to get to other classes since i get home so late from work and the class times don’t work for me, but i do want to try a class on the weekend one day; i just lack the confidence to go alone and try something new but i’m working on it.

3. Eat better

I am such a junk food lover and the amount of times i crave sugar is probably a problem…
I do try so hard to sort out my diet but i lack the willpower to not go to the cupboard and eat a whole pack of cookies. I do hope to work on this and get better at eating less sugar and make smoothies more often to get the fruit in my system. I feel like so many people struggle with their diet and not binge eating but it is something that’s possible to change and i am determined to get better at healthy eating.

4. FitBit/Tracking Calories

I recently i ordered a ‘fake FitBit’ to test what a FitBit is like before i paid out the money since they are quite pricey. I’ve linked the fitness tracker i ordered. I got the pink colour, however after a week the band started to go black so i’d advertise to get the black colour to stop this from happening. However, for £20 this ‘fake FitBit’ was so good! I want to track my calories to help with my fitness journey and so a FitBit Alta is on my birthday list for April!

5. Run more!

I’ve just recently signed up to a 10 MILE RUN!!!!!! Am I crazy? Last year I ran 5K for race for life but this year with my work friends we are going to do runs every week to lead up to this run in’s going to be so hard but I do like a challenge so I need to make sure I’m running much more than 1 run a month haha…

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