Character Experience at Disneyland Paris

Now, I am not the biggest fan of characters. I think this is purely because when i visited Disneyland Paris when i was 6 years old, i was very terrified and cried basically every time I saw someone…

Anyway, now that i am older…i can cope with the characters for the sake of getting a cute photo haha!

The second time but first time i visited Disneyland with my boyfriend, we only met Mickey which was very lucky since we were walking round and saw that he was doing a meet and greet with a very short queue! So obviously, we jumped at the chance. Like i said, I’m not the best person to be around with characters, so whenever i meet a character its a quick flying visit with little interaction (you wouldn’t think i was nearly 20 years old…)

When meeting Mickey he had a little mess around with me since i had a Mickey style backpack on, (the one that so many people have from Primark!) So this was kinda cute that he wanted to interact with us before having the photo taken. Although i do find it so difficult to know what they’re trying to get at because not all of them talk!!!

This year when my boyfriend and I visited DLP, we met a few more characters; I’m slowly getting over my fear lol…

Firstly, we met Buzz because you know he’s a cool guy! Although, hugging him, not so cool! I kinda forgot that his outfit is rock hard and basically slammed my glasses into him. However, he was a good poser just not too easy to put your arm around him because he is quite bulky!

Following this, my boyfriend who is a massive Star Wars fan, saw some Stormtroopers hanging around and so he wanted a photo. This was pretty epic because they could talk and he actually quickly switched his voice from french to English when my boyfriend was meeting him, impressive! The Stormtroopers are great playing in character and defo made the experience better by demanding my boyfriend to stand with his arms crossed. I recommend meeting a Stormtrooper!!

Next up we met Mickey which was different to last time. We met him inside his ‘home’ shall we call it, an inside meeting point for Mickey. This was telling us it was a 50 minute wait, however it ended up to be much longer and it was also boiling in the queue. But inside the meeting point they did have old cartoons playing which added a cute environment while waiting. This was an interesting meet and greet since my boyfriend and I figured out that within this meeting point, there are multiple Mickey’s! While we were queuing we thought there was just one and that’s why it was taking a while but the people in front of us in the queue went in first and then we got sent to another door which had different people in; not the people who were in front of us queuing! So, there a Disney tactic for you! Meeting Mickey this time around was a bit more upsetting due to the wait time, however he was a good spirit with the kids who met him before and was very cute with me by holding my hand…what more could you want from the main man!

Second to last was Jessie! Again, like most of the characters we meet, we randomly saw her doing a meet and greet and we had some time to kill before a fast pass so thought why not! Jessie was one of my favourite characters when i was younger so it was nice to experience meeting her. Funny story with Jessie, when my boyfriend walked up to her she kept going to shake his hand and then moving it away so he wasn’t able to shake it. The story gets funnier…so after our photo we then said bye and i gave her another hug and then again Jessie went to joke around with my boyfriend by moving her hand, however my boyfriend did it to her this time and tbh if she could talk she probably would’ve laughed because even i wasn’t expecting my boyfriend to be that fast thinking! In response to this Jessie a like ‘ah clever one’ pose by pointing her fingers at him. It was a funny meet and greet.

Lastly, for some reason i really wanted to meet Pooh purely because he is adorable! So on our last day we made it our mission to queue up and grab a quick photo. I mean most of the people in the queue were kids but you’re never too old for Disney! Pooh was super cute and cuddly and personally i feel like because he is so yellow, it kinda makes the photo look really good because of the bright colours!

I enjoyed meeting the characters a lot more than what i thought and now i hope when i visit Florida i will be prepared even more to cope with a person in a suit! I don’t know why it freaks me out so much but i’m getting there!! Overall, the character experiences at DLP were great and i’d defo recommend meeting some people if you have some spare time!

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