Top 3 Restaurants in Disneyland Paris

This blog post will be focused on the eating places in Disney Village. I haven’t been to all the restaurants in Disney Village (mostly because i’m a fussy eater so i’m limited to where i can eat) Therefore, my top 3 may be different to what other people think depending on if they have visited them all or ate in different places.

1. Rainforest Cafe

I have been to this restaurant 3 times now and each time it didn’t disappoint! Even though its a busy place, the service was always so quick in terms of order being taken, food arriving and the bill being sorted. The theme in Rainforest Cafe is INCREDIBLE! I love it so much and how packed it is with greenery and elements to add to the rainforst vibe. I also think it’s a brilliant touch when the rain and thunder noise effects happen and the Elephants also react. It’s very clever and a way to make you feel like you’re actually in the rainforest; a great touch for the kids to enjoy too! The food has always been amazing when I’ve visited, although i still haven’t tried their volcano dessert…one day when i’m rich…its a pretty expensive dessert! I also really love the fish tank they have at the entrance of the restaurant! Rainforest Cafe is quite expensive but i believe its worth the price. Plus most of the restaurants in Disney are expensive so its the normal rate of paying for a meal.

2. Earl of Sandwich

Now this could be debated as to whether it’s really a restaurant but i’m going to count it as one! OH MY GOD I LOVE EARL! The sandwiches there are so nice, perfectly hot, great crunch and so much filling! Honestly, ask my boyfriend and he can tell you how obsessed i am with Earl. I would put it as number 1 but since it’s more of a quick service/takeaway service i thought to put an actual restaurant as number 1. Earl was also a bonus since last time when i visited Disney, we had a discount since we booked with Magic Breaks. Earl of Sandwich reminds me of a Pret a Manger, same sort of food and snacks available. The price also is so reasonable and for the taste, defo worth it! Also, they sell a big cookie in there for like less tan 4 euros, so if you didn’t want to pay for the Mickey cookie in the park, then they have another option for you! Even the small things such as, the sandwich being wrapped in shiny gold paper…makes it so much better than a white paper bag. Earl is great and if you haven’t visited there before, then defo do! I’m now counting down the months until i go Florida just so i can have another Earl…

3. Annettes Diner

Now, Annettes is expensive! If you’re going there with a big family, prepare for a wealthy bill…
Joe and I went here for our valentines lunch meal therefore justifying paying more for a meal. The theme inside was so nice! Even though I’ve never been to an American Diner, the theme is based on that and it really makes you feel like you’re in a proper one! The front of the restaurant is so fancy looking and has huge glass windows! Then inside, it’s all pastel colours with booths, tiled floor and huge mirror walls. I think the restaurant from the outside and inside looks sooo good! Even though its expensive, the portion size is incredible! I ordered a chicken burger and 2 massive chicken breasts arrived along with the bun and chips…so it’s defiantly worth your money. Since we visited there for valentines day, we decided to treat ourselves to a milkshake and omg this milkshake was incredible! We had a chocolate one with cream and a Mickey wafer and it was one of the nicest milkshakes I’ve ever had. Another bonus to this, since the portions were huge, we didn’t end up having dinner therefore the day didn’t end up that expensive since we saved money from only having one meal that day.

So, that’s my top 3 eating places in Disney Village. It was a close debate since all the restaurants i have visited have always been so nice such as Planet Hollywood.

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