My goals for the rest of 2019

I am aware we are already 3 months (how fast is this year going) into 2019. But since I’ve only just started my blog my goals for the rest of 2019 will have to start from March!

2019 is the year i’ll finish my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Therefore, i hope i pass and achieve the highest grade which is a Distinction (fingers crossed) Although, my college experience has been so awful , therefore i don’t have much hope in doing well purely based on the teaching and structure…we will see.

Another goal is to continue to go gym and get healthy. I’ve been going gym for nearly 2 years now and so i hope to finish the year still attending gym and working on my body. I especially (just like most girls) want to work hard to have a body i’m confident with for summer and my Rhodes holiday.

A big goal for me this year is to have an official plan for Florida and most likely book the trip which I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT!!!!!! We are looking to go November 2020, therefore will potentially book at the end of this year. It’s a dream of mine to go Florida so knowing it could become official this year is insanely amazing.

Focusing on work, i want to continue to learn and achieve better knowledge of the digital marketing industry. Also, once I’ve finished my apprenticeship, it could mean that i need or want to look for a new job. I will finish my apprenticeship in October so by the end of the year i’d like to have at least looked and applied for a new job, but it’s very difficult to plan goals regarding my career since i’m so uncertain on what’s going to happen; I don’t know whether i’ll get kept on in my current job, so it’s all up in the air for now! STRESS

Last year, i did quite a lot for charity – Race for Life, Colour run and Christmas children’s shoe-boxes. Therefore, i want to do another thing relating to a charity, most likely be the children’s shoe-boxes since that didn’t involve exercise and was so fun to do!

Lastly, I want to be happy this year. As weird as that may sound, i want to also try to make every year the best it can be. I have so many events this year such as holidays and concerts which bring me so much happiness so it’s looking like an exciting, promising year. Along with this, i want to have less drama and not get upset over EVERY SINGLE THING…i’m a very sensitive person, therefore things get to me so easily which is a pain, so i want to work on accepting life and mistakes more and handling upset better. I’ve been working on this for the past 2/3 years and I do think I’ve been getting better but I know there is still so much more room for improvement!!

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