Disneyland Park VS Walt Disney Studios

What park do I prefer?

For me, I prefer the rides in Walt Disney Studios since there’s Rock n Roller, Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster and RC Racer. Obviously I love the rides in the other park but i’m much more a person who likes thrilling rides, and Walt Disney Studios includes more ‘extreme’ rides than Disneyland Park. Therefore, basing the parks on the rides, Walt Disney Studios wins it for me.


Disneyland Park is my favourite park out of the two because of the look and atmosphere and of course, the castle. I love walking down Main Street and wherever I turn I can see the Castle. It’s so magical, bright, colourful and one of my favourite parts…the bakery and it’s smell!!!! I really need a candle of the bakery smell because it is insane! Don’t get me wrong, Walt Disney Studios is such an incredible park with great buildings and theming. I also think, having the parade often adds something extra to the park since you can see the characters and the loud catchy music plays;it really helps create a more exciting atmosphere. Therefore, I think purely down to the Disney touch in Disneyland Park, it’s the winner for me.

Although, Walt Disney Studios looks great due to Toy Story land and the France touch around Ratatouille, it really makes me happy being surrounded by such amazing designs and great attention to detail to make it look the best it can. I do think it’s a tough one between the parks and deciding which one is better, but having the castle and Main Street just makes the Disneyland Park slightly better.

Each park has different elements to it that may be better than the other park and that’s why I love Disney so much because everywhere you go just looks amazing, that it makes picking your favourite park, land, ride, so difficult to decide!

God knows how i’ll decide the order of my favourite parks when i visit Florida!

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