Disney Santa Fe VS Disney Cheyenne

What hotel is better?

I stayed in Disneyland’s Hotel Santa Fe in July 2017 and Hotel Cheyenne in February 2019. Personally for me, i think its very tough in deciding what hotel is better.

I prefer the Cheyenne theme (cowboys and Toy Story), only really because I’m more interested in Toy Story than Cars. Although, i feel like hotel Cheyenne is a bit ‘lost’ in their theming. It’s like they’re trying to mix a cowboy vibe with Toy Story instead of it being focused on either one. However, the different coloured buildings with the themed names do add an extra touch. On the other hand, Santa Fe i believe, looks better from the outside…especially at night time when its all lit up! Also, the front of the hotel (hotel sign) looks much better and easier to see compared to Cheyenne. Although the front looks better at Santa Fe, i think the reception is much better themed at Cheyenne. Cheyenne has a high built up wooden ceiling with cowboy themed products around the reception. Whereas, Santa Fe to me, seemed a bit plain and had a lack of products relating to Cars.

The room size for 2 people, seemed potentially the exact same size. So the hotels are equal within the sizing. I did find that my room at Cheyenne was more dirty than Santa Fe; the floor was very dusty! The only difference i would say, is that Santa Fe seemed much more brighter due to the colours in the room, which i preferred compared to the dark wood colouring in Cheyenne.

The location for these hotels are VERY similar. Hotel Cheyenne is probably slightly closer to the park; however, currently the path for a shorter walk is blocked off due to the Marvel Hotel being created. Therefore, until that has finished the walk to the park is probably the same distance. Even though these hotels are furthest away from the park, i personally don’t have an issue with that because i like seeing the ‘land’ of Disney.

Now, price seems like a challenging element to compare. Santa Fe is known as the cheaper hotel out of the two, however at the time i was looking to book my holiday in February, Cheyenne was actually cheaper! Therefore, i do think the price can depend on the time of year and duration of the holiday. So, keep an eye out for the prices to be different to what you expect!

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