Top 3 rides at Disneyland Paris

Okay, personally for me I find this quite easy to decide my top 3 rides at Disney.

I’d have to say

1. Hyperspace Mountain

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, don’t get me wrong I do like it and also it’s my boyfriends favourite thing in the world (besides me obviously 😉) but the way this ride is presented relating to Star Wars i just love it! The beginning with the theme tune playing pretty loud really gets me pumped for the ride! Also since it’s in the dark it makes the laser beam lights much more effective. The ride makes me scream and laugh the whole way and now that me and my boyfriend have aced the photo timing perfectly, we love planning our photo opportunity!

2. Tower of Terror

I have only done this one 2 times however it’s the only ride that really makes me scared and in a weird way I love that about it! I enjoy rides and the adrenaline I get from this but Tower of Terror gets me so nervous but excited! Although I do have to hold on for dear life!! It’s super fun but terrifying yet I’d happily do it again and again!

3. Big Thunder Mountain

This is purely for the memories created on this ride. My boyfriend and I have such a laugh every time we go on this ride and it just brings so much happiness to me when I’m on it and also think back to being on it. Although it is a noisy ride, I enjoy being outside on a really incredible ‘mountain’ building. Also last time we went Disney, we got fast passes every time for this so we never queued the full amount for it so that was a big bonus!

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