Is Social Media good or bad?

Considering i work in digital marketing, i believe i have good knowledge on social media…i use it every single day!

It’s crazy to see the changes in social media just over the few years that I’ve been using it! I have been using social media – Facebook was my first platform, probably since i was about 10 (so young i know but it was the rage back then!) And now i’m nearly 20, so I’ve witnessed the changes for the past 10 years.

Social media is a tough one due to things such as bullying, expectations and comparing and in this generation, the comparing is getting so much worse! For example, Instagram is filled with everyone’s ‘perfect’ life’s… because who is going to post something bad that’s happened when they need to keep up with competition of ‘Who’s life is best?’ Trust me, i’m guilty of posting the best images i can get on my Instagram page and yes i do think ‘is this good enough’. Which is a complete wrong mindset to have! I like to go to the gym and get fit… does Instagram help me with that? Yes and no. It can help motivate me to ‘look a certain way’ due to the amazing figured girls posting their bikini pictures, but it also puts so much pressure on myself to have to look that way, even though we should all love ourselves for who we are and what we look like. I struggle with self love and i’m trying to decide whether social media is helping me love who i am or making it harder.

I do like Instagram, but i do think its filled with fake life’s trying to impress and be better than all their followers. It’s now more of a competition, rather than a place to post exciting things you do in your life. I remember my first post on Instagram being this attempted quirky photo of an alarm clock…because back then it was more focused on getting the perfect shot with great focus and a blurred background, rather than who’s sat on the best beach or who’s social life is amazing.

Facebook i think is the social media platform that has changed the most. When i first started using it, all of my friends were playing Farmville or Restaurant City and putting status’ about Eastenders or what they just ate for dinner. It was a much younger demographic in past years with cringey status’, but now all i see down my timeline is mum’s posting about their garden or funny memes about their children. The younger generation have stopped using Facebook and the older generation has taken over! Nothing wrong with this but just in the space of a few years, the platform demographic, for me personally, has changed.

I don’t personally see an issue with Facebook and i do think its a good platform; being nosy and seeing what people are up to. However, the bad side of it could be the posts that are shared with can cause negativity or arguments due to all different opinions.

Twitter to me, is the most ‘okay’ platform. Its filled with funny tweets, photos, videos, GIFs and it feels like a community of people just enjoying what content is available. It’s filled with all types of ages and by creating threads or your replies to a tweet being shown to your followers, it allows people to start a conversation together and join in with the topic. Twitter is full of opinions but i rarely ever see something bad on my timeline – it could depend on who i follow but from my point of view, it’s more of a funny platform where a community is made.

Social media can be bad and cause affect on peoples mental health. It’s such a popular thing now and its constantly growing with new users across all platforms. I do think people are trying to work on making Instagram in particular more positive; a lot of fitness influences are focusing more on making their followers feel good rather than promoting weight loss products which in-fact trigger illness’. People are noticing what social media can do to people and they’re trying to fix it to be a positive place for people to document their life without feeling pressure and worrying about likes more than their education exams.

It will be interesting to see the continuing changes of social media in future years, considering how much it has changed just within the past 10 years (that i have experienced).

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