Disneyland Paris in February

So, I’ve just got back from the most amazing time in Disneyland Paris with my partner. We went from the 12th-16th of February just before half term started.

Weather wise, we were super lucky! With a place like Disney that involves rides and a lot of walking, you want the weather to be acceptable – no rain. Fortunately, the sun was out the whole time and only one morning was -2 (freeeeeezing!!!). The night time was also slightly cold but nothing a few layers and gloves couldn’t fix! Other than that, the day time weather was just perfect! Some parts of the day the sun was so hot and it almost made me feel like it was spring time! Therefore, I think February can be a risky time to go because the weather is all over the place (Disney was filled with snow 2 weeks before we went) but, if the sun is out and the temperature is higher than minus, then you should be okay!

Following on from the lucky weather, the amount of people in the park was also on our side! We were in Disney over Valentine’s Day and I was slightly worried that it would be packed with couples because of this. However, only Valentine’s Day was busy – easy access from Paris for couples to visit for the day. I say busy, but it was still bare-able just higher wait times for the rides. The Saturday, our departure day was manic! Although Saturdays are much busier due to people being off work and it was also the beginning of the kids half term (150 minute wait for Big Thunder Mountain!!!!) Other than those 2 days, the rest of the week was just right! The amount of people made it ‘nice busy’ where you wasn’t bumping into people constantly but also a good amount of people to create the atmosphere.

If you’re able to visit Disney out of school holiday times, then do it! It saves you money and you can experience more because you aren’t queuing for over an hour per ride. February is a risk but for us it worked out amazingly! So for me personally, I would go again in February due to the lower price and the parks being less busy.

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