Disney on a budget?

Disney on a budget? Is it possible? YES! Although I’m not quite sure how my partner and I brought home as much money as we did, I believe Disney on the cheap side can be possible.

In the Disney village there are big branded restaurants which are expensive however there’s ways around it! For example, for one meal instead of having a main, I decided to have 2 starters as my main which saved us €4. Okay I hear you…’that’s only €4′ but if you’re a family of 4…saving some money by changing around the meals could make a huge difference! Another thing, try tap water more often! Drinks in Disney are fairly expensive for what you get but there’s a way to hydrate without the extra €3/€4. Tap water is free and it really doesn’t taste that bad!

Are you travelling by train? Perfect! Cancel the breakfast from your hotel and take your own food from your supermarket! My partner and I did our Tesco shop and bought some biscuits, pastries, cartons of orange juice and more which came to roughly £15. If we wanted to pay for breakfast in the hotel it would’ve been an extra £50 each! So we saved £75 just on breakfast. It obviously can depend on how many of you are visiting Disney but for the 2 of us it was worth doing and every time I go to Disneyland Paris, I will take my own breakfast and save some £££!! It’s worth thinking about and seeing if it could work out better for you.

Magic breaks!!!!!!! Visit the website magic breaks now and book your Disney holiday! This website is amazing for Disney deals (a friend of mine visited a travel agent and even they said ‘we don’t know how magic breaks gets it so cheap, we can’t beat them’). My partner and I searched different dates and duration for different Disney hotels so many times to find our best deal and we ended up with Disney hotel Cheyenne, for 4 nights…less than £300 each! It’s amazing! The staff also at magic breaks are so helpful and will try to get the deal as cheap as possible for you,don’t be afraid to ask for any discount – we got our room tax taken off which saved us £6. Also with magic breaks, they gave us 3 discount vouchers for:

  1. Earl of Sandwich breakfast – 10% off
  2. Earl of Sandwich – 15% off
  3. Planet Hollywood – 15% off

Saving money whenever/wherever you can!

Also, don’t forget to search around the shops as much as possible to find those sale items! We got 3 mugs and a set of 4 glasses for €21 when they would’ve been a total of €60!!!

There may be many more ways to save money but these are some ways that myself and my partner found very effective for us!

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